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Locked down due to Corona virus in Tunisia, police robot deployed to patrol

Police deploy robots to ensure lockdown implementation of the Corona virus in the Tunisian capital of the North African country.

According to a report by the BBC, the robot has been assigned to robots in various parts of Tunisia who spy on street citizens.

According to the report, the robot also interrogates people walking in the streets and investigates the reasons for their exit.

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Tunisians have to place their identity cards and other documents in front of a robot camera while police officers who control it review it.

It is believed that Tunisia is the second week of a nationwide lockdown, with 14 people killed by Corona virus in the country so far.

The government has allowed citizens to leave their homes only to receive medicines and supplies.

Tunisia reports that 436 people are infected with the Corona virus.

According to the report, these robots, called ‘P guards’, have been deployed on the streets by the Tunisian Ministry of Interior, but it is unclear how large their numbers are.

The official at the robot manufacturing company Innova Robotics told the BBC that it was a secret matter and declined to say anything about the cost of the robot.

The robot deployed to monitor lockdown violators has an advanced camera, light detection and ranging technology that acts as a radar, though it uses light instead of waves.

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The Interior Ministry also released a video of the robot on social media, which received mixed reactions from the public.

Many citizens welcomed the government’s move, while others said the robot’s movement was too slow so it was not effective.

Several videos circulating on social media have shown that a large number of citizens are standing in front of robots and identifying themselves with documents.

The robot instructs fellow citizens to go into the house immediately after questioning.

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The death toll from the Corona virus has risen to 53,000 worldwide, while the number of victims has risen to 10,155,709, but more than 2 million 11 thousand victims have recovered.

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