Another successful vaccine experiment on mice against Corona virus

Scientists from other countries of the world, including the United States, China, and the United Kingdom are working on the Corona Prevention vaccine, however, it is still in the early stages of developing a vaccine from any country.

Various US universities and medical companies are also involved in the preparation of the vaccine, while companies including UK, China, Germany, Israel and other countries are also involved in vaccine preparation.

However, no country has yet entered the final stages of vaccine preparation, so far all vaccines are in the preliminary or second phase of manufacture.

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Similarly, the first phase of a unique vaccine developed by experts from the University of Pittsburgh in the United States has been successful, and now experts are ready to move to the second phase of the vaccine trial.

According to Reuters news agency, a successful trial of rats on jelly or cream-like vaccines developed by experts from the University of Pittsburgh has led experts to hope that the vaccine will produce good test results on humans.

The video, also released by the University of Pittsburgh, states that they initially tried the vaccine on mice, which has yielded encouraging and good results.

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The report states that the vaccine developed by experts at the University of Pittsburgh is unique to other vaccines in the preparation phase, as the vaccine is not in the form of injections or medicines but rather as jelly or cream used for massage.

The vaccine, developed by the University of Pittsburgh, has been called a micro-nodal artery, which is similar to a jelly and will be applied to the skin of an infected patient.

According to Reuters, the vaccine produced by the university was made from sugar and protein ingredients, and injecting it on the body of the infected patient will strengthen its immune system.

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The aforementioned vaccine enhancing the immune system will strengthen the human blood after it is absorbed into the skin, strengthening the human immune system.

According to research published in the journal E-BioMedicine for the same vaccine, the vaccine was tested on mice and the antibodies specific to this new Novel Corona virus were produced in such quantities that they were able to neutralize the virus. ۔

This is the first research that has been published in a reputable journal and reviewed by other scientists outside the university that created it.

“We first encountered SARS Cove in 2003 and Mers Cove in 2014,” said Andrea Gambuto, an associate professor in research developed by the University of Pittsburgh, USA, both of these viruses are very similar to the new Noval Corona virus. From what we learned about a specific protein called spike protein, which is essential for boosting the immune system, we know how to fight against this new virus.

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Unlike the mRNA vaccine currently being tested on humans, the University of Pittsburgh’s vaccine method is different, as it uses laboratory-made viral protein fragments to increase immunity. As is done with the flu vaccine.

Researchers have also used a new method for delivering the drug, the Micro Nedal Array, to maximize its efficacy.

It is a fragment containing 44 small needles that insert into pieces of spike protein into the skin, thereby strengthening the immune response.

This fragment is like a bandage and the needles are made of sugar and protein fragments, which dissolve in the skin.

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