A hundred-year-old vaccine weapon against the Corona virus?

A century-old vaccine is thought to help protect people from the new Novel Corona virus disease, Cod-19.

According to a Bloomberg report, a vaccine used to prevent tuberculosis (TB) is being used by medical workers in Australia to determine if it can protect them from the Corona virus.

The Bacillus Calmetti Gouverne (BCG) vaccine has been used for hundreds of years in various parts of the world to prevent TB,

but it is also used as a general immunotherapy for other purposes such as the onset of bladder cancer. It is being tested.

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Scientists believe that the use of the vaccine at birth gives children the ability to train their body to fight off infections.

At present, a specific vaccine is needed for at least one year in preparation for the corona virus spreading worldwide,

and the World Health Organization says it is important to know if the BCG vaccine Whether or not Corona can reduce its severity in a virus-infected person.

For this purpose scientists at the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute in Melbourne have decided to start the experiment.

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“The vaccine can strengthen the immune system, which can help to better protect against various infections,” said Nigel Curtis, leader of the research team.

The research will continue for 6 months and scientists say that although the vaccine was developed against TB, it is still given to 13 million children worldwide annually,

which strengthens the human immune system, And he is trained to fight against germs in full intensity.

Researchers say that we expect the use of this vaccine to reduce the severity and prevalence of Cod-19 symptoms, that 4,000 workers will be hired for this purpose and to complete the process quickly.

Will be approved by the Federal Health Administration.

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Similar research is taking place in the Netherlands as well as in Australia, and Nigel Curtis says he is discussing trials with other Australian cities in the US city of Boston.

It is the cheapest vaccine that is commonly used in newborns in Pakistan, and scientists expect that it will protect the health workers who are most at risk for the Corona virus if tested successfully.

The blood samples of the volunteers involved in this study will be collected at the beginning and end of the trial to determine who is suffering from the corona virus, while the results of the trial will be reviewed for 3 months.

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Researchers say that we are not doing it with the idea that this method will not work, of course we cannot guarantee its usefulness, but the only way to find out is to trial it.

Corona virus is believed to have affected more than 8.3 million people worldwide, while 39,000 were killed and 62 lakh recovered worldwide.

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