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Corona helpline service launched on WhatsApp in Pakistan

Formerly Facebook Messenger and now WhatsApp is being used to prevent the spread of the Corona virus in Pakistan.

For this purpose, the Ministry of National Health has launched the Pakistan Government Corona helpline service on WhatsApp.

This new service can be used for free, it will enable everyone in Pakistan to get the latest information and news related to corona virus disease Cod 19.

This new service is called Pakistan Government Corona Wats App Helpline, which is actually an automated chatbot service in which the Ministry of Health provides citizens with 24-hour Corona virus FAQs.

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The service will be available in English, Urdu, Punjabi, Pashto, Sindhi, Baluchi and Kashmiri languages ​​and will provide information on Corona virus prevention and symptoms, latest case numbers and other health-related information.

To use the Government Corona WhatsApp helpline service on WhatsApp for free, you need to save this number to 923001111166+ in your list of contacts, after which you can type any word in the WhatsApp message, A set of menu options will appear and the user will select from it and send a message to the Ministry of Health for guidance.

The Prime Minister’s Assistant Special Health Minister Dr Zafar Mirza said, “In this difficult time it is very important that people get accurate, timely and formal information about the Corona virus and its impact on their families and areas.” Find out. ‘

He added: “We encourage everyone’s questions or questions regarding the use of the Corona hotline on the WhatsApp and make sure that such service provides them with only authoritative instructions from government sources. And get certified information, we appreciate the timely support and assistance of WhatsApp and Facebook when bringing this service to Pakistan ‘.

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“In these difficult times, people use WhatsApp more than ever to keep in touch and help their friends, family and others,” said Wats app CEO Matt. The Ministry of National Health Services is pleased to provide communication tools that will help their citizens to answer the virus-related questions in a timely and authentic way so that people can stay safe. ‘

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This helpline is developed in partnership with Infobip’s global connectivity platform on the WhatsApp Business API to help timely access to important information about the Corona virus, including the World Health Organization’s health departments worldwide. Komfino is already working on WhatsApp’s informational numbers in South Africa, Australia, Brazil, Indonesia, and more services will be introduced within the next few weeks.

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