In New York, the number of Corona virus cases exceeds one million

The United States has become the worst country affected by the virus and the number of victims has exceeded 100,000 in New York, killing thousands.

According to the BBC report, ventilators have been sent from various hospitals in New York to the areas most affected.

The total number of Corona virus victims in the United States has reached 2, 45,658, while in New York alone, the highest number of 562 people died and the death toll rose to 2,935.

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According to the report, New York is the epicenter of the Corona virus in the United States, where the number of cases has reached at least 1,286,000.

In New York, records of casualties have also been broken in the last 24 hours, which has exceeded 500 in a single day, but fewer than the reported deaths in Italy and Spain in a single day, with the highest number of victims.

According to data from Johns Hopkins University alone, New York City has killed 1,562 people.

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New York Governor Cuomo warns that civilian casualties may be high due to a lack of machinery in more affected areas.

He said that the National Guard would be deployed to implement the orders issued by the state government which would redistribute ventilators from hospitals and other centers to the areas which were most affected and there were more Required.

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The governor said that these ventilators would be returned or disposed of later.

“I cannot kill civilians and New York needs about 37,000 ventilators this week as more cases are expected in the state by the end of April,” Cuomo said.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said the city needs 400 more ventilators for the next two days.

It is to be noted that the US government has instructed citizens to wear masks according to experts’ instructions in the outbreak of the virus, while experts have also sparked a new debate in this regard.

US researchers have cited various articles, saying that the corona virus also spreads by breathing and talking to each other.

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It should be remembered that lockdown was announced in view of growing cases of corona virus in the United States, but no state-level directive has been issued for citizens to be restricted to homes in 10 states; Homes have been asked to stay but not lockdown as has been done in other states, including New York.

According to the BBC report, North Dakota, South Dakota, Arkansas, Iowa and Nebraska have not been instructed by citizens to leave their homes.

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