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Maya Ali announced temporarily break from social media

Famous Pakistani actress Maya Ali was catching up with fans by sharing an interesting post on her Instagram account during Lockdown, but has now announced her temporary departure from social media.

The actress made the announcement with a picture on her Instagram account.

Maya Ali shared a beautiful photo of herself on Instagram in which she is in a white couple.

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On this post, Maya Ali wrote, “I know everyone will be dealing with this situation in a different way and as I have said before, there is always hope and this time will pass.”

The actress further wrote, “I am temporarily turning away from social media. Everyone is trying their best to figure out how to spend the time. I also thought it was the best time to find my inner peace. Do it and improve myself ‘.


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Hello everyone, hope you’re all keeping well and doing great in quarantine. I know everyone is dealing with this in a different way but as I have mentioned already, there is always hope and this time shall pass too Insha ALLAH. I am going to take a short break from social media. Everyone is doing their best in their own way to deal with this time. I thought it’s the best time to detox, to find inner peace and reset my whole system. I am grateful to ALLAH for all the blessings. Sometimes we need time to think and count our blessings. My team will keep updating about the ration bags and yes I am very thankful to each and every person who has donated. This shouldn’t end until things don’t get back on track. Stay safe for yourself and for your loved ones. Talk to you all soon and love to all my fans. ?

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According to Maya Ali, “I thank Allah so much that He has blessed me with so many blessings. Sometimes we should think about the blessings God has bestowed upon us.”

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Be aware that Maya Ali is also collecting rations for the needy during this difficult time, and in this regard, she wrote that her team will continue to inform the fans about these ration bags as they donate to the occasion. Thank you to

Finally, Maya Ali messaged fans to protect her and stay home.

It may be recalled that Maya Ali had earlier released a video in which she was seen cleaning her entire house.

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It should be noted that the corona virus is spreading rapidly throughout the world as well as in Pakistan.

So far, more than 3800 people have been affected by the virus in the country while 54 have lost their lives.

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