Maya Ali’s baking in Quarantina video viral

Famous Pakistani actress Maya Ali has also been locked up in her house due to lockdown like everyone else, yet she still seems to be trying to lure fans to her social media accounts.

The actress recently released a video on her Instagram, in which she revealed that she was going to bake chocolate biscuits for the first time.

Sharing this video, Maya Ali wrote biscuits during the quarantine and also liked her mother.

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According to the actress, ‘as much humor came to make them, so did comedy.’


Maya Ali had earlier shared a video on her Instagram account in which she appeared to be cleaning up her entire house, taking precautions against the Korna virus.

Earlier, the actress also shared a photo of herself wearing a mask in which she advised fans to wash their hands and take care of their health.

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It is to be noted that the Nawal Corona virus, which causes more than 50,000 deaths worldwide, is rapidly affecting people in Pakistan and the total number of cases here is 2696 while 40 people have died from this global outbreak.

The number was up to 4 till February 29 after the first case was brought to Pakistan, but after that it saw a sharp rise and now it has crossed 2600.

Most of these 2600 cases are locally transferred from one person to another.

According to the statistics, Punjab province is the worst affected, with a total of 69 people infected with the virus, while the death toll is 11.

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