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Yasir Hussain criticized those who helped other for publicity

Many individuals from the Pakistani showbiz industry are now enthusiastically helping the poor people affected by the Corona virus.

While many individuals are doing so quietly, many are also appearing on social media and helping people and giving a message to others.

Celebrities like Faisal Qureshi, Sanam Jang and singer Amanat Ali have also quietly messaged people in need, and now actor Yasser Hussain has released a comedy video in which he shows how to help people. Criticized.

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Sharing the video, Yasser Hussain wrote, “This is the case today with the celebrities and the rest of us, or may Allah instruct us all, give us wisdom, encourage us and help people.” ۔

The video showed social media user Yasser Taj down, who was praying for some beard on a fake beard.

In the video, Yasser Taj criticized shopkeepers and pretenders for helping people by raising money for sanitizers during this difficult time.

Earlier, Yasir Hussain shared a story on his Instagram which he wrote, “You must urge people to share ration, if you can tell by your mouth that you have shared, even if the number of games.” Let me say that I shared 30 sacks, just do not show the forms of the helpers; if the people are ashamed then the event will be held even after the coronation is over. ‘

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Yasir Hussain criticized those who helped by showing up in another story.

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