Mahesh Hayat is also the champion of “Onana Challenge” after “Bottle Cap Challenge”.

Almost half of the world’s population is confined to homes due to the lockdown imposed by the global corona virus epidemic and is trying to make jumping in homes fun.

There are also a number of trends and challenges on social media due to being confined to homes, such as the My Eight Twenty trend of sharing old photos a few days ago, in which people shared their photos when they Was 20 years old.

Even before this, new challenges and trends have been emerging on social media and video sharing applications and such a trend came to the fore after a Portuguese song became popular after ‘Onana Challenge’ 2017.

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However, this challenge, which came up three years ago, is once again gaining popularity in both the worlds of Corona and this time this challenge has also been accepted by Pakistani showbiz personalities.


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We really don’t know how to dance But We know how to make memories #ohnananachallenge ???? #Quarantine

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The Onana Challenge is actually a dance challenge based on the Portuguese song “Onana” released in 2017.

In this challenge, two people stand in front of each other and dance without touching each other, their feet touching each other gently.

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This challenge is considered successful only when the two dancers hit each other’s feet in different ways without touching each other while maintaining their balance.

The challenge was initially popularized by porcupine songs, initially reaching South America, then Europe and Africa via the United States, and many celebrities have been making videos on the same challenge for the past three years.

But in these days of epidemics, this challenge has become popular once again at home, and now people from Pakistan to Turkey and from the United Kingdom to the United States are making videos on this challenge.

Doctors and medical staff treating Corona patients are now making videos on the same challenge.

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Accepting the same challenge, Pakistan’s talented actress and Nishan-e-Imtiaz winner Mahesh Hayat also made a video on it.

Mahesh Hayat made a video with his brother Danish Hayat on ‘Onana Challenge’ and shared it on his social media accounts which went viral as soon as he saw it.

The actress’s ‘Onana Challenge’ was appreciated by many and her dance steps were also appreciated.


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In his post, Mahesh Hayat admitted that it took him a while to learn the dance steps of ‘Onana Challenge’, but he enjoyed dancing with his brother during the lockdown.

Apart from Mahesh Hayat, actress Arousa Qureshi and her husband Bilal Qureshi also performed dance performances on ‘Onana Challenge’ and their video went viral.

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Apart from Pakistani showbiz personalities, celebrities from other countries are also making videos on the same challenge and sharing them on social media, while ordinary people are also seen sharing videos of dance performances on the challenge.

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