India is using Corona to spread hatred against Muslims, Mahesh Hayat

Why Indians are treating people differently, Mahesh Hayat Photo Internet

KARACHI: Actress Mahesh Hayat has said that India is using the Corona virus to spread hatred and discriminate against Muslims.

Mahesh Hayat has strongly condemned the spread of hatred and discrimination against Muslims under the auspices of Corona in India on social networking website Twitter. She cited an article in his tweet about Muslims blaming the spread of the Corona virus in India.

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According to the article, 22-year-old Muslim youth Mehboob Ali, a resident of Haraali village, north-west Delhi, was brutally beaten with sticks and shoes by a group of extremist Hindus until his nose and ears bleed. ۔ Ali had recently returned from a religious gathering and this crowd of extremist Hindus was convinced that he was part of an Islamic conspiracy to spread the Corona virus to Hindus across the country. The attackers thought that he should be punished and that is why the young man was brutally killed by the mob.

Mahesh Hayat wrote that this article has just passed the eyes, when the world is uniting to fight against the common enemy (corona virus), then our neighbors are using this outbreak to spread the hate and divide the people. Why are they treating people differently than when the virus is not treated, which is a shame.

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It is to be noted that in India using the Corona virus epidemic, it is being rumored in India that “Corona Jihad” is spreading that Muslims, especially the people of Tablighi, are deliberately and inadvertently involved in spreading the Corona virus all over India

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