First case of Corona virus transmitted from a corpse to a living person

Scientists in Thailand and China have for the first time claimed to have discovered that the  corona virus  transmitted from corpse  to a living human.

In a letter published in the journal Journal of Forensic and Legal Medicine, scientists say that this is the first case of the new corona virus disease, Cod-19, that appeared in the case of a person involved in a forensic medicine unit.

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The letter written by experts from Bangkok’s RVT Medical Center and the Chinese Vianyaket of Hainan Medical University in China did not reveal the identity of the victim in this case, simply stating that he was a forensic practitioner in Bangkok.

Scientists do not yet know how long the corona virus can survive in the body after the death of a patient, and the letter states that the bodies are not usually inspected after the death of Covd 19 patients in Thailand.

For this reason it is difficult to get a clear picture of the situation.

Scientists wrote that at present there is no data on the exact number of corpses  because of Code 19, because in Thailand, bodies are not inspected.

However, he said there was little chance that forensic medicine experts would suffer from the virus as a result of an infected patient, but they could be infected with biological samples and bodies.

He advised the forensic workers to use protective clothing, but also said that the same procedures were adopted by top medical workers when examining the bodies.

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According to guidelines released by the World Health Organization, germs from bodies are unlikely to be transmitted to living humans because most germs do not survive in the human body after death.

However, customary procedures are being adopted in place of the traditional rites and rites of funeral procession of Corona virus transmitters worldwide, including Pakistan.

Regular guidelines for the funeral procession and funeral procession of Corona virus victims have been issued in Pakistan. These instructions are very long as you can see at this link.

Under these guidelines, appropriate protective clothing will be used for bathing of the deceased, while ensuring social distance while ensuring the participation of less people during the burial.

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In fact, in many countries, relatives are not allowed to attend the funeral or only 4 to 6 people attend.

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