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UAE’s Online Wedding Plan to Maintain People’s Mental Health

United Arab Emirates (UAE) government announces plans for online weddings during lockdown to prevent the spread of the Corona virus.

Like other countries in the United Arab Emirates, lockdown has been in place since the beginning of March last month in view of Corona virus protection measures and public ceremonies are banned there.

In the UAE, where educational institutions, religious places of worship and public places have been closed, orders have also been issued to minimize bribery in the courts, which has restricted marriage and divorce cases.

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After the lockdown was imposed by the Corona virus, the government has introduced an online wedding plan aimed at strengtheen the people’s mental health due to the ban on gatherings and weddings.

Saudi Arabian newspaper Saudi Gazette quoted another Arab broadcasting report in its report, saying that the United Arab Emirates Ministry of Justice has proposed online marriage plans to couples seeking marriage. Send your wedding documents to the official wedding offices a few days before.

According to the ministry, the family court offices allotted for marriage will notify the couple first of the marriage after the inquiry into the complete documents sent by the couple, after which they will be married online.

Under the plan, the courts will contact the witnesses themselves and inform them of the process of marriage online, and then all other wedding ceremonies, including marriages, will be provided online and provide certificates to the couple.

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Those wishing to marry will have to submit online documents to the courts created by their respective states’ courts, and the first court staff will review those documents, after which the couple will be married.

According to the Ministry of Justice, the aforementioned project is designed to maintain or improve the mental health of young people in the United Arab Emirates so that they do not suffer from emotional distress or stress due to not getting married in this difficult time.

It is thought that by the afternoon of April 14 in the United Arab Emirates, the number of people infected with the Corona virus had increased to more than 4,500, while there were 25 deaths.

Corona virus is spreading rapidly in other Arab countries including the United Arab Emirates, while Corona is spreading throughout the Middle East.

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Not only the Middle East and Arab countries, but around 25 to 35,000 new people are being victims of Corona every day worldwide, and by the afternoon of April 14, the number of Corona-infected people is over 19 million 29 thousand. That the death toll had exceeded one hundred and twenty thousand.

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