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Experts at Dow University developed another method of treatment for Corona

Although the vaccine has not yet been developed in the world to protect the coronary virus patients, neither vaccine will be available for the next 18 months, but almost all countries around the world are exploring new avenues for the aforementioned disease.

At that time, experts from many countries of the world, including Pakistan, have discovered effective ways of treating Corona by modifying old medicines and old-fashioned treatments, with good results.

Although plasma or antibodies therapy is currently being used to treat coronavirus patients from Pakistan to the US, Pakistani medical experts have adopted a new approach.

A team of medical professionals from the Dow Medical University of Health Sciences (DUHS) located in Karachi, the capital of Sindh province, cleared antibodies obtained from corona-treated patients by removing a particular type of particle from them. Obtained from them and produced intravenous immunoglobulin (IVIG).

IVIG is actually a mixture of antibodies and other plaques in human blood, including plasma, and this method has been used for many diseases before.

This method of treatment is also approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FAD), a globally approved treatment method, and has been used in the past for other diseases, including immune system diseases. ۔

Although currently ill patients are being treated with antibodies and blood plasma from Corona patients from the US to the UK and China to India, the method discovered by Pakistani experts is somewhat Is different.

The treatment developed by experts at Dow University is an important advance for Corona’s treatment and can benefit worldwide, however it will be most prevalent locally.

Experts have been busy making the process for the past month - Photo: Dow University

The new methodology was developed by a research team led by Shaukat Ali, Principal of the Dow College of Biotechnology, said Dow University Vice-Chancellor (VC) Professor Mohammad Saeed Qureshi, citing the aforementioned treatment.

He said the Dow University team initially managed to collect blood samples of some patients in March 2020, after chemically cleansing the antibodies from the patient’s plasma. They succeeded in producing a new method for the treatment of immunoglobulin.

According to the University team, because the antibodies contain unwanted material and some viruses and bacteria, under this procedure, all the unwanted particles contained in the antibodies are prepared by combining the final product with antibodies, ie, hyper immunoglobulin. And this method has been used in the past but this method has been used in other diseases in the past.

According to experts looking for a new method, this method is a type of non-invasive immunity, but instead of using full plasma, it is used only for antibodies.

Experts point out that such methods have been used in the past to treat infectious diseases such as the SARS and MERS virus and Abiola, including tetanus, influenza and rabies, but none of these methods have been used until today in Corona.

How long will the treatment begin in a new way?

According to a team exploring the new method, immunoglobulin has been successfully stored in experimental vials and will soon begin treatment under this method.

Prepared Drug Saved - Photo: Dow University

The Vice Chancellor of the University, Prof. Muhammad Saeed Qureshi, along with the research team of Dow University Hospital instructed the physicians to devise a moral and legal strategy for the trial under this new method of treatment, so that it could be addressed as soon as possible. Ways to try it out.

It is also noteworthy that recent research in Pakistan has also indicated that there have been some genetic changes in the type of corona virus locally and in this case the Dow University made against local virus. Is being considered as effective and useful.

However, it is premature to say anything about how successful the treatment will be.

The Dow University and hospital administration is expected to begin treating patients in the next two to three weeks

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