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Corona fatal outbreak is 10 times more dangerous than swine flu, says World Health Organization

The World Health Organization (WHO) has warned the world that the corona virus is ten times more dangerous than the deadly outbreak of swine flu a decade ago, so security measures should not be taken lightly.

The announcement by the World Health Organization that the Corona virus was more dangerous than any pandemic came on a day when Spain, a major European-affected country, softened the lockdown implemented by security measures.

Spain softened the lockdown on April 13, nearly five weeks later, allowing millions of people to go to work, as well as a limited amount of public transport.

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As of April 13, 134,000 people in Spain were affected by Corona, while more than 17,400 people were killed.

Spain implemented a strict lockdown to protect Corona in early March, and business life was suspended there for about five weeks, but the government eased the lockdown there on April 13.

Like Spain, some states in the United States have announced a softdown in lockdown, while European countries Austria, Norway and the Czech Republic have also announced a softening of the lockdown between April 13 and 15, which the World Health Organization severely labeled. Expressed concerns.

According to the news agency AFP, after World Health Organization softened the lockdown by other European countries, including Spain, the Corona virus spread the 2009 outbreak of pandemic swine flu, also known as H1, N1. Was more deadly than that.

Research and evidence has proven that the Corona virus is 10 times more dangerous than the swine flu that a decade ago, World Health Organization head Tedros Adhanom said during an online briefing with experts in Geneva.

According to the WHO, the investigation so far has shown that the Corona virus spreads in the crowd, so countries should not rush to soften the lockdown.

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The World Health Organization head says there are still many things we are learning about the Corona virus.

The head of the WTO said that timely diagnosis of the Corona virus, isolating the patient and keeping large populations away from each other could be controlled by the outbreak.

Although the World Health Organization reiterated such things as not softening lockdowns at the briefing, they did not name any countries that soften lockdowns.

He said the outbreak of the 2009 outbreak of swine flu in the world was short-lived, and confirmed deaths were just less than 19,000, while the outbreak affected 16 million people worldwide.

It is to be noted that from the middle of December 2019 to the morning of April 14, the number of infected people worldwide has increased to 19 million 20 thousand while the number of deaths has increased to more than 1 million 19 thousand.

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Although the number of coronavirus-infected patients is slightly higher than the number of people affected by swine flu, the Corona virus patients are seeing an increase of 25 to 35,000 a day while the deaths from swine flu. 5 times more than that and they are also increasing.

According to health experts, the Corona virus can continue to intensify in the world for another 4-6 months, and the number of deaths from the outbreak may be even higher than expected.

Swine flu has been around the world for less than a year, compared to the Corona virus, even though the swine flu outbreak began in 2005, but again in 2009, the disease reappeared and this animal-initiated disease. Started in Vietnam.

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The virus was a type of ‘influenza’ (flu) and was named (H1, WN1).

Swine flu has infected an estimated one million people worldwide and the death toll has reached 3 to 5 million, but on April 13, the World Health Organization said that the number of confirmed cases of swine flu outbreaks was 16 million. While the number of casualties was less than 19 thousand.

World Health Organization declared swine flu a ‘global epidemic’ in August 2010.

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