Diagnosis of Corona in 10 newborns in European country Romania

Authorities have issued orders to test all maternity home staff after a coronary virus was diagnosed in 10 newborns in a single European country in Romania.

The outbreak of the Corona virus in Romania is on the rise, and by the morning of April 8, the number of Corona patients had risen to 4,000 and the death toll had increased to more than 200 in the country.

Romania, like other countries in the region, enforced lockdowns to avoid Corona until March 31, when there was still a partial lockdown and people were banned from gathering.

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Authorities have issued orders for staff to be tested after Corona was diagnosed in 10 newborns April 7 at a maternity home in the Roman city of Temsera.

According to the news agency AFP, referring to the Romanian TV channel, according to the Minister of Health, newborn babies who have been diagnosed with Corona have not been diagnosed with pandemics.

The report said that after mothers of newborn babies were not diagnosed with Corona, authorities suspected that children from the maternity clinic would have coronas, so authorities launched an investigation.

According to the Health Minister, newborn babies who have been diagnosed with coronas do not have any more dangerous symptoms, but all children were quarantined with their mothers after the outbreak was diagnosed.

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The children were kept under surveillance with their mothers in their own homes, while the maternity home was sterilized, and the staff started diagnosing the virus, the health minister said.

The mother of a newborn baby infected with Corona told local TV that the staff at the clinic where her baby was born did not wear a face mask, nor did she make other protective measures. Were kept

After the mothers’ statements of the children, authorities suspected that the children may have suffered from maternity clinic staff, so staff are being tested.

In Romania, there are about 700 medical staff, including doctors and other staff members, out of a total of 4,000 people infected with the Corona virus.

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A new wave of fear arose in Romania after Corona was diagnosed in 10 newborns in a single day, and experts were also worried that if more children were affected by the outbreak, matters would deteriorate.

It may be recalled that a newborn baby was diagnosed with Corona in the UK just before Romania last month and was rated as the youngest person affected by Corona.

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Similarly, in the US at the end of last month, 2 newborns were born in Corona and were declared the youngest to die.

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