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Does the new Corona virus harm for heart health?

The new Novel Corona virus disease affects the respiratory system and is causing the problem of lack of ventilators worldwide, but doctors are facing a new medical mystery as well.

Cod 19 primarily causes lung damage, but there are several patients who have had heart problems and died of heart failure.

In China, Italy and the United States, data has emerged that experts on cardiovascular disease believe that Code 19 is a disease affecting the heart muscle.

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A preliminary study discovered heart damage in one out of every 5 patients, leading to heart failure and death, surprisingly most of them did not show respiratory problems.

Experts say doctors and hospitals need to change their thinking about patients, especially in the early stages of the disease.

“It’s important to find the answer to the question that the virus affects the heart and is there anything we can do,” said Dr. Ulrich Jordi, head of the New York’s Mont Fever Health System’s cardiovascular department.

The question now is whether the heart problems are the result of the virus or the physiological response, but its impact on the heart is difficult to determine because the severity of the disease can also affect the health of the heart.

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Dr. Robert Bono, a professor of cardiology at Northwestern University’s Fennberg School of Medicine, said that if someone died from a sample, it would be because of heart failure, when the body’s system does not get enough oxygen. Will only get worse.

But many experts believe that Cody 19 can cause heart attacks in 4 or 5 ways, with some patients being affected in more than one way at a time.

Medical experts have long been aware that any serious medical issue can cause stress that can damage the heart, while diseases like pneumonia can spread to the body’s nerves, which leads to the accumulation of material in the arteries and Risk of heart attack increases.

Worms can also weaken the muscles of the heart, resulting in a heart failure.

But Dr. Robert Bono said that the observation of damage to Cody 19 appears to be directly affecting the heart muscle.

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Preliminary research indicates that the corona virus is linked to specific receptors in the lungs and these receptors have also been discovered in the heart muscle.

Initial data from China
In March, Chinese experts released 2 research reports that reported heart problems in Cod-19 patients.

One study looked at 416 patients undergoing treatment at the hospital, and researchers discovered that 19 percent had symptoms of heart damage, leading to an increased risk of death.

The death rate was 51% in patients whose heart was damaged.

In patients who are already suffering from cardiovascular disease, heart rate increases significantly after recovery, but some patients who were previously protected from heart disease also have signs of heart damage. The risk of death is higher than those already suffering from heart disease.

It is not yet clear why some patients experience adverse effects on the heart more than others, however, Dr. Robert Bono says the possible cause may be genetic factors or they may be more likely to cause viral load.

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Obstacles encountered
It can be difficult to collect data during this crisis because it requires doctors to take heart samples to determine if the heartbeat is affected by the virus.

But patients with Code 19 are usually so ill that they cannot go through this difficult process and further testing may increase the risk of transmitting the virus to the medical staff.

In most hospitals, electrocardiograms are not used on patients so that additional staff do not have to go to patients in isolation.

Hospitals at Columbia University’s Irvine Medical Center need to be tested, and medical records must be collected to help determine what’s going on with the heart.

“We must gather information and use it to help patients,” he said.

In fact despite the increasing number of patients, data is being collected by doctors, trends are being looked at and results are being published in real time.

Dr. Beach Parker and several of his colleagues have recently published records of the complications of heart disease in Cody 19 victims and ensured online availability.

The same is happening in New York, New Jersey, and other US cities, and changes are being made to hospitals to treat the heart-rending effects of Code 19.

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Doctors discovered that the infection could be a duplicate of a heart attack, in many instances when patients’ suspected blockage was cleared, it was discovered that it was not a heart attack but the effect of cod 19.

Understanding the effects of code 19 on the heart will help doctors determine what treatment is necessary for patients.

According to experts, Cod19 patients may still experience long-term side effects such as heart damage after cure, but many of the currently available treatment for cardiovascular diseases are effective in clearing this viral infection

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