Corona Virus: Ireland’s Prime Minister Begins to Serve as Doctor

Loyd Varadkar, 41, the prime minister of the peninsular European country, Ireland, began acting as a doctor due to the rapid spread of the Corona virus in the country and the shortage of doctors there.

Louie Varadkar was working as a doctor before getting involved in politics, but when he entered politics in 2013, he excluded himself from the profession of doctor.

He succeeded in coming to politics and within a few years he also became the country’s defense minister, before he got himself involved in Ireland’s politics and government affairs.

Following his party’s outstanding victory in the elections in 2017, after performing the defense services brilliantly, Louie Varadkar became prime minister and as he watched, he became one of the country’s most popular leaders.

However, after the outbreak of a global outbreak such as the Corona virus, doctors began serving as doctors in the country after a shortage of doctors there.

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According to the American Magazine Times, the Prime Minister of Ireland applied for medical registrations again in March last month, saying that he too wants to fulfill his duties as a doctor at this critical time.

The report states that the Medical Council has accepted the Prime Minister’s request, after which he will inform people online about the Corona virus, including providing information once a week.

The report said that the Prime Minister’s wife, sister and parents are already involved in the profession of the doctor and they are serving in this difficult time of the Corona virus.

In addition, after appealing from the Government of Ireland, 5,000 retired doctors have also registered themselves for duty of Corona virus, whose services are benefiting from various shifts and times.

By the evening of April 7 in Ireland, the number of Corona virus patients had risen to 5,364, and the death toll had risen to over 174.

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Lockdown is implemented under the Corona virus protection system in Ireland and people are advised to stay confined to their homes.

Various politicians and well-known personalities of Europe also became doctors
According to the British newspaper The Guardian, after the outbreak of the Corona virus, doctors in many countries of Europe began to serve as doctors, following the shortage of doctors.

According to the report, prominent political, social, sports and showbiz figures from other countries including Ireland, France, Hungary and England have also started taking on doctor duties.

The report said that sports, showbiz, politics and social figures of some countries in Europe had said goodbye to the doctor’s profession because of his other engagements. Start performing doctor services again.

The report states that a member of the Hungarian state assembly, including the French state legislator and film director, also began to take on doctor duties.

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The report said that the Prime Minister of Ireland had left a doctor for politics, but now he has made politics unimportant for his doctor’s profession.

Like these countries, Miss England, who won the competition in the UK state of England, decided to quit her social work and take on doctor duties and she will soon be serving in the hospital as a doctor.

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Bhasha Mukherjee, 24, who was awarded Miss England 2019, left her doctor’s job to take part in the competition, but has now re-registered to quit her social work and return to doctor’s service. She will soon start treating Corona patients.

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