Corona virus: more than 5 lakh 75 thousand victims worldwide, death exceeds 26,000

Italy continues to record the highest number of 969 fatalities in the European country on friday, with Spain having 769 deaths globally, leading to global deaths. Exceeded 26 thousand.

According to the World Nola Corona virus surveillance website, the death toll from the virus had reached 26,819 by 12pm on Friday night.

According to the website, the number of victims reached 5,76,8,895 while more than 281,000 people were recovered.

In addition, Italy was the most affected country with 9,134 deaths, followed by Spain with 4,934 deaths, China with 3,174 deaths and Iran with 2,378 deaths.

In addition to these countries, in another European country, France has a figure of 696 deaths, in the UK it has reached 759, the Netherlands had 546 deaths, and in the United States 365 people died.

Talking about the country most affected by the virus, the United States is the most affected country where 94 thousand 238 people were affected, followed by Italy 86 thousand 498, China 81 thousand 897, Spain 64 thousand 59 Germany 49 thousand 344. , Iran 32 thousand 332, France 29 thousand 593 and 14 thousand 735 people affected in the UK.

Italy records 969 deaths in a single day
According to the French news agency AFP, the highest number of 969 fatalities were reported in a single day in Porpei, Italy on Friday, after which the death toll rose to 9,134.

It is thought that by Friday, the number of people infected with the virus in Italy had reached 86,498 and was the second highest in the world.

According to the report, there are currently more than 500,000 victims in the world, of which there are more than 300,000 victims in Europe alone.

In addition, Europe has the highest number of deaths of over 23,000, while the total number of deaths worldwide is more than 26,000.

Turkish President urges the people to voluntarily quarantine
Al Jazeera reports that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdo ۔an has called for 8 million citizens to voluntarily move to Quarantina in view of the rising Corona virus risk in the country.

After confirming 92 deaths in the country, he urged the public not to leave their homes unnecessarily and in the event of an emergency.

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At the same time, the Turkish president announced the suspension of all international flights and called on committees and additional security measures to deal with the outbreak in 30 major cities of the country.

It is thought that the number of people infected with the virus has now exceeded 5,600 in the country.

A Democrat member in the United States also suffers from the Corona virus
Geoffin Cunningham, a U.S. Representative from the US state of South Carolina, has been confirmed with the Corona virus.

He said in a statement that his Corona virus test had come out positive while the symptoms of Corona virus had already started to improve.

Geo Cunningham said he had moved himself to Quarantina from March 19.

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It should be noted that between Friday and Saturday in the United States, the death toll had risen to 366 while the number of victims was 97,28 in the largest US in the world.

The number of victims in Ireland exceeds 2,000
Meanwhile, according to the Health Department of Ireland, the number of Corona virus victims in the country has reached 2 thousand 121 and 3,000 people have been killed.

According to the Health Department, the number of health centers has been increased to 22 in view of the increasing number of cases of virus in the country.

299 more deaths in France
According to Al Jazeera’s report, French authorities said that the total number of casualties has reached 1,995 after 299 more deaths in France.

According to the report, the death toll in France today has increased by 18%, a slight decrease compared to the previous day.

In addition, the number of victims in the country increased from 29,155 to 32,964.

Zimbabwe announces 21-day lockdown Monday
Zimbabwe President Emerson Mnangagwa on Monday announced a 21-day lockdown in view of the growing threat of the Corona virus in the country.

According to him, only government employees and people belonging to the health sector in the country will be exempted from lockdown.

It should be noted that in Zimbabwe there are currently 5 confirmed cases of Corona, of which one person has been killed

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