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After Whats App Facebook also introduces the Information Hub on Messenger

After the WhatsApp, Facebook has also introduced the Corona virus prevention information hub in its Messenger app.

This information hub also aims to prevent the spread of false information online.

The messenger statement said that the center would provide users with resources to help them connect with their friends, family, office colleagues, students, teachers and others during home quarantine.

The global outbreak of the Corona virus has seen a significant increase in Facebook Messenger usage rates.

Stan Chudnovsky, vice president of Facebook Messenger, said in a blog post: “More than 70% of people worldwide are making group video calls while the time in this regard has more than doubled.

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The information hub will transmit information from the World Health Organization, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and UNICEF to consumers against the spread of misinformation online about the Corona virus.

In addition, consumers will also be helped to avoid online fraud.

Earlier, on March 19, Facebook announced the introduction of the Corona Virus Information Center newsfeed on top.

This information center is a new feature of Facebook aimed at spreading the useful information provided by governments and medical researchers regarding the virus while minimizing the spread of misinformation.

The information center will be updated in real time, while new information and suggestions will be provided from other official sources, including the World Health Organization.

Similarly, Facebook banned ads for the treatment of the Corona virus, while the World Health Organization announced a $ 200 million advertising site.

Facebook-owned WhatsApp introduced the WhatsApp Corona virus patch on its website to reach more people with authentic information about the Corona virus, where people are exposed to the rapidly spreading epidemic worldwide. Access to information is ensured.

The Corona virus information feature introduced by the WhatsApp has been presented not only with the support of global healthcare organizations, but also by the messaging application to ensure accurate information is provided in this feature by several fact checker organizations.

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But in addition to providing accurate information to millions of WhatsApp users, the World Health Organization has also introduced a Health Alert or Chatbot that provides statistics, answers to various questions and other information.

For this purpose, save the phone message to +41 79 893 1892 and send hi message on it, opening the menu in front of you, which can be accessed through various emojis.

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