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101-year-old victim of cod 19 in Italy recovers

Italy is badly affected by the outbreak, but surprisingly, a prominent citizen has managed to defeat the disease.

This news came in the wake of 919 deaths in Italy in a single day.

In Italy, the number of people infected with the virus Cod 19 has increased beyond China and more than 86,000 have become ill while 9134 have been killed.

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The United States is currently the largest affected country with 92,000 sick people, while China is third with more than 81 thousand, with 333 deaths.

The 101-year-old citizen recovered after beating cod19 , and Italian authorities have declared it a hope for the future.

CNN’s report named Mr P, and his city’s deputy mayor Gloria Lacey called his recovery extremely surprising.

“Mr P showed up, his family took him home last evening, he has taught us that even in 1010 years, the future is not fixed,” he said.

What is even more surprising is that Mr P was born during a Spanish flu outbreak that killed some 300 million people worldwide, while the Corona virus has so far killed 26,000 people.

A 95-year-old woman was the oldest woman to defeat the disease in Italy.

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A woman named Alma Clara Corsini was admitted March 5 to a hospital in Modena, northern Italy.

Despite being so old, the woman fought against cod 19 without antiviral drugs.

He told the local media, ‘I’m fine, I’m fine, the doctors and medical staff have helped me tremendously, they are all the ones who took care of me’.

Now she has returned from the hospital to the nursing home.

Last week, an unidentified 103-year-old woman in Korea was diagnosed with coronavirus Cod-19 and recovered.

Earlier in the Iranian city of Kerman, a 91-year-old man managed to defeat the virus and returned home from the hospital earlier this week.

But the 103-year-old woman is by far the richest man who has defeated the deadly virus.

Earlier this month, a 100-year-old man in China also fell into Cod 19 and recovered after 13 days in a hospital in Wuhan.

The risk of death from this virus is lower in young people, but it is definitely, while the risk is higher in people over 65 years of age, as well as in diseases like respiratory diseases, cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. The probability increases.

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