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3D printed “swab” ready for corona test in Pakistan

Karachi: Due to the global epidemic of code 19, the demand for diagnostic test items and components has increased worldwide. In this regard, the Aga Khan University (AKU) has now developed 3D (three-dimensional) not only a nose-collecting swab but also a successful therapeutic experiment.

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According to Aga Khan University, Pakistan has the capability to prepare a nasal swab (phaya) for the test of code 19 which is required for obtaining samples of code 19. As countries around the world are increasing their testing facilities, the need for swabs to be inserted into the nose is increasing, the situation in Pakistan is no different and it needs to import swabs on a large scale for code-19 testing.

From April to May this year, demand for these items increased exponentially and supply fell sharply, prompting AKU’s Innovation Lab to start looking for a solution and design a swab locally.
A team of researchers, clinical laboratory experts and biomedical engineers created the design using a 3D printer to create the basic sample, with clinical trial studies with this basic sample proving that 3D printed Swab is safe, effective and as easy to use as imported swab.

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“Our printer can produce more than 1,000 swabs a day and it costs a lot more than imported swabs,” said Saleem Sayani, director of AKU’s Technology Innovation Support Center and Digital Health Resource Center. not enough. Dr. Adeel Haider, Dean, AKU Medical College, said that the preparation of 3D printed swabs shows that our experts are capable of solving local problems through local innovation during this global epidemic.

Zahra Hassan, a professor at AKU’s Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, is the project’s assistant chief investigator, saying the 3D-printed swabs were imported for sampling. It will reduce the need for swabs and help increase the diagnostic capability of Code 19 across Pakistan.

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