Pakistan has set the example of human empathy by helping 2 Indian aircraft

Pakistan has shown humane compassion and independence by assisting and guiding the atmosphere of 2 Indian aircraft.

An Indian air traffic controller could not be contacted after India’s aircraft, the Boeing 777 and 787, entered the Karachi region.

On this occasion, the Karachi Air Traffic Controller contacted both aircraft with Iran.

Both Indian pilots thanked the Pakistani Air Traffic Controller for their cooperation.

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During the conversation, Pakistani authorities praised the special relief flight operation during the Corona epidemic, which the Indian pilot described as the special moment of his career.

Indian aircraft were traveling to Germany carrying relief supplies for the victims of the Corona virus.

It may be recalled that on February 27 last year, Pak Air Force hit Indian fighter jets that violated the country’s airspace and arrested a pilot.

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After the February 27 incident, Pakistan closed its airspace for all types of commercial flights between the two countries.

Later that day, Pakistan’s airspace was partially restored but commercial flights remained closed and after about 28 days, Pakistani airspace was completely restored for all domestic and foreign flights on March 27.

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