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After the protest, India amended the Occupied Kashmir Domicile Law

The Indian government has amended the new domicile law issued two days ago in the context of occupied Kashmir, making locals eligible for all positions.

On Wednesday, the government introduced new domicile rules and allocated only up to Group 4 jobs to locals.

Political and opposition parties strongly protested the announcement issued on April 1, which prompted the government to withdraw the notification.

Now, a decree issued by the Jammu and Kashmir Reorganization (Adoption of State Laws) states that jobs were allocated on the basis of domicile under the union limits set in October after the special status was abolished last year.

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According to Indian news agency Times of India, the amended statement states that anyone who fulfills these conditions must have a union boundary domicile for employment in the union territories of Jammu and Kashmir. ۔

Under the amended Jammu and Kashmir Civil Service Act, no person shall be eligible for appointment to any post when he does not have a Domicile within the limits of the Jammu and Kashmir Union.

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In a statement issued on April 1, the government allocated only up to grade 4 jobs to the limits, which is the highest constable position in police and other government agencies.

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Due to this, citizens of Jammu and Kashmir Domicile were only eligible to work in small positions with a maximum salary of Rs. 25,000, while persons from all over India were eligible for large posts. ۔

Now under the new law, any person who has been in Jammu and Kashmir for 15 years or has been studying for 7 years and has taken the 10th and twelfth exams in the union territories of Jammu and Kashmir is on the job appointment. Will be eligible

However, the statement also said that the person registered as a refugee under the commissioner’s order would be considered as possessing a domicile while those who had been employed for 10 years in the said area would also be counted in this category.

Bani Jammu and Kashmir, along with its own party, had protested recently by all political and opposition parties on the government’s move.

Jammu and Kashmir, which met Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah last month, expressed its reservations after the announcement by its party.

Questioning the timing of this statement, he said that it was very unfortunate that an extremely important order was issued at a time when India was facing a life-and-death conflict against the Corona virus.

It should be remembered that Pakistan had also rejected it by protesting against the previous Domicile law.

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