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The closing of the beauty parlor changed the faces of the actors during lockdown

KARACHI: Actors have been locked up in homes and unable to go to a beauty parlor as a result of a nationwide lockdown due to the Corona virus.

Due to the Corona virus, lockdown has been going on all over the country for the past two weeks, which has led to the closure of the beauty parlor where all walks of life have been suspended.

The biggest loss of beauty parlor closure is the loss of women and actresses because behind the beautiful faces of the actresses the beauty of the beauty parlor involves hard work and the beauty parlors cause actresses to appear on TV screens and pictures. Looks pretty good.

However, due to the lockdown, the actresses have been locked up in houses and in this situation the question of going to the beauty parlor does not arise. So make-up photos without actresses on social media are going viral.

Consumers are amazed at the make-up images of actresses on social media and expressing mixed ideas. Consumers on social media commented on the photo without Mehra Khan saying makeup without the expert looks so beautiful.

However, some people expressed different views. One woman said that if Mahira Khan is beautiful then I am Miss Universe. Almost all social media users commented on Maura Hussain without commenting on her makeup photo.


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