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New change to TickTalk for people under 16

Tick Talk, the fast-growing video sharing app in the world, has banned users 16 and under from sending direct messages to each other.

According to the Independent report, the app will be rolling out new security measures from April 30, which will prevent children from sending messages directly to each other.

The app’s Safety Head Carmic Canon cited that previously users in this app could not receive messages from people who were not on their friend list, but were now one step closer to banning users.

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“We promised to ensure the safety of consumers at TickTalk and that is why this new ban was introduced,” he said.

He added that the feature of sending direct messages is that users love it because they can make new friends on the app, no matter where in the world they are. However, this feature can also be misused due to which it is being banned.

Andy Bureau, head of online child safety company NSPCC, also praised TuckTalk for the move, saying the decision was taken in the TickTalk app as there have been several cases where older people have arrived. ‘S people send wrong messages directly to children on this app.

Be aware that Chinese company Bait Dance bought App Musical in 2017 for a billion dollars and then turned it into a talk show (Facebook tried to buy it, but failed), which is fast becoming a worldwide phenomenon. I became popular.

Since then, this app has been downloaded 1.5 billion times.

Reports say that this app was downloaded the most last year.

In February this year, TickTalk introduced a new feature called Family Safety Mode for Parents, which will link the parent’s TickTalk account to their children’s account, allowing them to control aspects of young people’s online personality.

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With this feature, parents will be able to decide how much time their children can spend on this app daily.

Similarly, direct messages can be completely disabled or restricted.

In addition, a new Restricted Mode has been provided that will allow parents to decide what kind of content their children can see on the app.

It was first introduced in the UK and within a few weeks it was announced in different parts of the world.

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