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Identifying Corona Virus Patients with Modern Helmets in the UAE

Police in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) have claimed to use helmets equipped with the latest technology that will help identify victims of the Corona virus immediately.

The Helmet Robo Coupe, made in China, looks similar to the technology shown in the movies and was primarily designed to capture the elements of the face by automatically reading plates of face recognition and vehicle numbers. ۔

But according to the UAE’s Interior Council’s official council, these helmets will now be used by the Dubai police to capture potential victims of the Corona virus and for this purpose a physical rating of 5 meters away from thermal cameras. Heat will be checked.

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The helmet was developed by the Chinese company Qing Chi Technology and is also being used in several Chinese cities, including Shanghai and Shenzhen.

The company that manufactures it claims that the helmets are equipped with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and 5G connectivity and have an infrared camera that can record the temperature of more than 100 people within 2 minutes.

It is to be noted that more than 5,000 corona virus cases have been confirmed in the UAE so far while the number of deaths is 33.

The UAE is already using a variety of technologies for virus prevention, such as ensuring the implementation of quarantine with phone apps, drivethrough code 19 testing centers and people seeking out-of-home goods. Online permit system for etc.

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A video from the Dubai government showed policemen scan the crowd with these helmets and alert a small alarm personnel if the temperature was above 37.3 degrees Celsius.

Fever is the most common symptom of Cod-19 and people’s body temperature is being checked with thermal imaging cameras in different countries.

However, experts have warned that this is not an effective method of mass scanning because many people with the corona virus do not see the fever for several days.

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