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Nadia Jamil, who is suffering from cancer, tested negative for corona

Leading actress Nadia Jamil, who was diagnosed with breast cancer, was admitted to a London hospital three days ago due to the presence of a virus in her body.

Nadia Jamil had informed about her ill health through her social media post and said that there was a virus in her body and the doctors hoped that it would not be corona.

The actress had said in her post that she has a condition like nausea, she has not eaten for many hours, she also has pain in her legs.

After being admitted to the hospital, Nadia Jamil was tested for corona which fortunately turned out to be negative.

In her second Instagram post, Nadia Jamil thanked Corona for a negative test, but at the same time said that her brain has now undergone a CT scan and she hopes it will return to normal.

Nadia Jamil has been in London for treatment since April this year and is undergoing treatment for breast cancer.

Nadia Jamil was diagnosed with breast cancer in April this year. She told her fans in a tweet that she was diagnosed with cancer last week and has gone to the hospital for treatment twice in four days.

“This is the first stage of breast cancer and the third grade of the tumor,” he said in a series of tweets on April 3.

Later, in mid-April, the actress underwent chemotherapy and last May, she shaved her head due to hair loss.

Nadia Jamil also shared photos and videos of her hair on Instagram and told fans that she has completed two chemotherapy treatments.

During her treatment, Nadia Jamil keeps her fans informed about her condition and her health through constant posts on social media.

Her physical condition can be seen in the photos and videos shared by the actress, however, every time in her post, the actress tries to keep the fans happy by saying optimistic things.

The actress had tested Corona three days ago which turned out to be negative, after which the actress also shared a video of her facial due to the dryness of her face and told the fans that whenever someone’s face is dry. If so, how can they make a face at home?

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