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Nada Yasir had difficulty breathing for three nights during quarantine

Leading TV host and actress Nada Yasir, her husband actor Yasir Nawaz and their son were diagnosed with Corona on May 25 last month, after which they quarantined themselves at home.

News also went viral during the quarantine that Ndayasir’s condition had deteriorated and he had been admitted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

However, after such news went viral, the actress had clarified in her Instagram post that her condition had not deteriorated and she had not been shifted to the hospital.

The actress had termed all the rumors about her as false, but now the actress has spoken openly about her health after her Corona test came back negative.

In the second test of Nada Yasir, his test came negative on June 15 and he started his morning show on TV on the same day.

Ndayasar had warned fans through her Instagram posts that her test would be negative and said that she is starting her morning show from June 15 and she will talk openly about her health in the first morning show.

Nada Yasir, who defeated Corona, detailed in her June 15 morning show how Corona felt and what her condition was at the time.


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Iam back with positive energy and negative result.Alhumdullilah

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The actress said at the beginning of the program that first her husband Yasir Nawaz fell ill and had a high fever, then she went to the doctor, but the doctor also initially said that Yasir Nawaz had a fever due to extreme heat. Will be.

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Nada Yasir said that on the day her husband developed a fever, he went to see a shooting site with other actors, including actor Naveed Raza and Aliza Shah.

The host said that after visiting the site, Yasir Nawaz developed a high fever and went to the doctor, but he said that he must have had a fever due to the heat.

According to Ndayasir, three days later, Naveed Raza called and said that he also had a fever and when he was tested, he was diagnosed with corona.

The host said that Yasir Nawaz was very upset after hearing about Corona and then he went to get the test done along with all his family members and later in the test only Corona was diagnosed in a couple and a son.

Ndayasir said that he did his morning show on the day of his test and when Yasir told him that he too had been diagnosed with corona, he could not believe it because he had no such symptoms. Were

According to the actress, after the diagnosis of Corona, Yasir Nawaz became upset and kept saying that if something happened to us, what would happen to our children and I also started getting mentally disturbed by such things.


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See you all tommorrow morning live good morning pakistan

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Nada Yasir became emotional while recounting the days of Quarantine and she became obsessed with staying away from her 5 year old son.

The actress said that at first she was not convinced that she had a corona. Photo: Instagram
According to the actress, she had quarantined herself in the upper part of the house for 14 days while her youngest 5-year-old son, who slept with her, was placed in the lower part of the house and he repeatedly asked her She cried to meet him and could not hug her baby even if she wanted to.


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He is thankful that at least his youngest son and daughter have not been diagnosed with corona.

According to Nada Yasir, her husband had good symptoms of corona, while her son also had some corona symptoms, but the symptoms of corona did not become severe.

The actress said that although she did not have any signs of corona, she was mentally disturbed by her husband’s words, because her husband used to say, “What will happen to our children if we die?”

The actress said that her husband’s depressing words made her suffer from depression, which made it difficult for her to breathe.

Nada Yasir admitted that during the quarantine, she had difficulty breathing for three consecutive nights due to mental stress. ۔


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According to the actress, by placing the oximeter on her finger, she realized that she did not really have any breathing problem, but she was feeling like she was having difficulty breathing due to depression.

In her first morning show after recovering from Corona, Nada Yasir also invited actress Sadia Imam as a guest, including a lady doctor, while the program focused on raising awareness about Corona.

اداکارہ نے بتایا کہ پہلے انہیں بھی یقین نہیں ہوا کہ انہیں کورونا ہوگیا—فوٹو: انسٹاگرام

Nada Yasir also shared a video of her set on Instagram after starting the morning show after her recovery and showed people how everyone is at a distance from each other during the shooting and how her team did all the safety. Have made arrangements.

The video shows their cameras not only standing apart from each other, but also wearing protective clothing, while a man can be seen in the studio spraying anti-infection.

While Nada Yasir shared a video of the security arrangements in her studio and her cameramen wearing masks including protective clothing, on the other hand, she herself appeared in the program without a mask while the guests attending the program all three did not wear masks.

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