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In Pakistan, 200 serious victims will be treated with plasma from Corona healers

Rawalpindi: According to the Daily Express, the governments of Sindh and Punjab have completed the preparation of a pilot project by adopting a Chinese-style strategy against the Corona virus, whereby people recovering from corona virus use. Blood plasma of the that people will be applied to people who are seriously affected by this virus and those who are ill.

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It should be noted that this strategy, called “passive immunization”, has been successfully tested in the recent outbreak of the Corona virus in China. However, this is only a temporary solution that will be adopted until the Corona virus vaccine is available.

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The process has begun in the United States; and now Pakistan has decided to take the same approach.

Sindh and Punjab governments have already been in contact with the renowned Pakistani dermatologist, Dr Tahir Shamsi, and are constantly being guided by the inadequate security strategy.

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