Saudi Arabia: Missile Attack on Riyadh and Border City

Saudi Air Defense claims to have stopped a Babelist missile attack on the city near the border with Riyadh and Yemen, but it has also injured at least two civilians.

Be aware that there is currently a curfew-like lockdown in the capital Riyadh to prevent the spread of the Corona virus in Saudi Arabia.

Foreign news agency AFP reports that several blasts were heard during the attack on Riyadh, which the Saudi military coalition accused of supporting Iranian-backed Houthi rebels in Yemen, who had previously been Saudi. Has attacked cities with missiles, rockets and drones.

It should be noted here, however, that this was the first major strike since the Houthi rebels offered to stop attacks after two attacks on Saudi oil installations in September last year.

“Two ballistic missiles were dropped towards the cities of Riyadh and Jizan,” the Saudi press agency said, citing the Saudi coalition fighting rebels.

In a separate statement from the SPA, a spokesman for the Civil Defense said that their obstruction caused the remnants of missiles in residential areas near the city.

The rebel did not immediately respond to comment.

Almost three hours after the Corona virus-imposed curfew, about 3 hours later, about 3 blasts were heard in the Saudi capital.

The attack came at a time when a ceasefire call was backed by Yemeni combatants in Yemen this week to protect civilians from the UN’s Corona virus.

Saudi Arabia welcomed the Yemeni government and the rebels, all calling for an urgent global ceasefire to help the United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres in contentious areas.

His demand came on the fifth anniversary of Saudi Arabia’s military intervention in the civil war in Yemen.

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Increased tension
So far no case of the Corona virus has been reported in Yemen’s broken health system, but welfare organizations have expressed concern that when it does, the consequences will be devastating.

The country is already facing a humanitarian crisis.

Saudi Arabia is also trying to stop the spread of the outbreak in its own country.

The state health ministry has so far reported 1,203 corona virus cases and 4 deaths have also been reported.

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The tensions between the Houthi rebels and the Yemeni army backing Riyadh have seen an increase in the northern district of Jajov and Ma’arb.

Both sides expressed interest in reducing tensions, while Saudi officials said in November that Riyadh had opened ways to end the war with the rebels.

The rebels also offered to stop all missiles and drone strikes following an attack on oil installations in September. However, these efforts do not seem to have resulted.

In 2015, when Riyadh led billions of dollars of intervention under Saudi Foreign Minister Mohammed bin Salman’s new foreign policy, he hoped for immediate victory and the ouster of the rebels.

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However, the most costly intervention failed to drive the rebels from their strongholds, the northern regions, causing a humanitarian crisis in the poorest country in the Arab world.

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