How does the new corona virus spread silently?

One of the great features of the new novel corona virus that causes code 19 is that it does not allow most of its victims to be aware of its presence and does not show any symptoms, but still transmits the virus to others. Gives.

In a study published in the medical journal Annals of Internal Medicine, scientists looked at data from 16 different groups of COD 19 patients around the world and estimated how many cases of corona virus could potentially affect an infected person. Spreads the virus without occurring, also known as asymptomatic carrier.

The study concluded that at least 30 percent of the cases may be asymptomatic, but 40 to 50 percent are asymptomatic.

Such patients are unique in any respiratory virus because most viruses show symptoms at the same time when they infect someone, but SARS CO2 can also infect its host very quietly and send it to an epidemic campaign. Can be used as a pawn.

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The researchers said that the number we discovered was “surprisingly high” and had never been seen in a similar virus.

During the study, the scientists looked at published and unpublished research work on asymptomatic patients and focused on 16 different groups tested for code 19 around the world.

The groups included more than 13,000 people from Iceland, as well as passengers from the Italian town of Diamond Cruise, Boston and Los Angeles IDPs, prisoners, college students and an American. The work on the residents of the nursing home in the area was also analyzed.

The scientists also looked at five research reports that monitored people after tests showed that very few people without symptoms showed symptoms after confirming the virus.

This helped researchers differentiate between people who showed symptoms after the test and those who never had symptoms.

The worry for scientists was the discovery that these seemingly healthy but infected people could spread the virus in the same way as people with symptoms.

In simple words, these people do not look sick, but they carry a potentially dangerous load of infectious virus that can be transmitted to others.

One aspect of concern, the researchers said, is that the virus can quietly damage people’s bodies even when there are no symptoms.

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Of the 331 passengers on the Diamond Cruise ship, 76 who tested positive for the virus but did not show any symptoms underwent CT scans of their lungs and about 50 percent showed signs of damage to lung tissue.

According to researchers, people who carry the virus inside the body without symptoms have a lot of damage inside their bodies and they are not even aware of it.

A limited study in South Korea found similar results after examining 10 such individuals.

Scientists say that after collecting all the data, they emphasize that we should all use face masks, because no one knows that the person you are meeting should not be a silent victim of this virus.

He said that due to the lack of extensive testing, much remains to be understood about such silent illnesses, such as whether such patients do not show symptoms because their immune system improves the virus. Controlling or because the virus does not have much effect for some reason, or people have some kind of immunity, which is the effect of corona viruses that cause the common cold.

The data also raises the question of how long such patients remain contagious.

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The study estimated that such individuals could carry the virus for more than 14 days, although this period is now considered 14 days.

Researchers say that in countries that are reopening, the use of face masks in public places needs to be made mandatory, in order to prevent the spread of the disease from such silent patients.

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