China plans to introduce the first corona vaccine

China could potentially become the first country in the world to introduce vaccines against coronavirus in September for people at risk, even if clinical trials are underway.

According to a report in the British daily Telegraph, Chinese medical authorities have drafted guidelines on vaccines to introduce treatment for the corona virus against the United States.

More than any other country, China has entered the second phase of human testing with the highest number of 5 vaccines.

Success in vaccine development will help revive China’s corona-infected economy, while US President Donald Trump’s rapid vaccine plans will be hit.

According to William Lee, an economist at the Malikan Institute, a think tank that monitors vaccine development, “If China comes up with a vaccine that is accepted worldwide, it will be able to achieve much more.”

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang told a global vaccine conference this week that China has so far spent 4 billion yuan on vaccines and treatments for code 19 and will spend more than double that.

The outbreak has prompted the Chinese government to step up projects in key areas of national security, including robotics and biomedicine, while setting up dozens of laboratories to study more germs.

“We need to increase confidence in technology in specific areas, we need to rely on our own strengths rather than others, so that from one billion,” said Chen Wei, head of the team working on China’s most important vaccine for corona virus. The overpopulation can be protected.

A Chinese military medical institute and private biotech company Ken Sino have partnered to develop the vaccine, led by Chen Wei.

The vaccine uses a live virus that will carry genetic material into human cells, which will help eradicate the virus, in fact it will trigger a stronger immune response than a conventional vaccine.

Scientists have been working on this technology for decades, especially with regard to HIV, but humans have not yet approved it.

The administration will soon need volunteers for the fastest trials in China, as the country now has a limited number of COD 19 patients and may have to work in other countries to test the effectiveness of vaccines.

Viruses change themselves to survive, and experts say the vaccines currently being worked on are at risk of becoming ineffective or unusable after preparation.

He added that the longer the duration of the epidemic, the greater the likelihood of types of the virus, but whether these types will be more dangerous to humans or less will depend on genetic mutations.

But experts believe that progress is accelerating, according to Nicholas Thomas, a professor at the University of Hong Kong.

“Globally, whatever is happening politically, but at the technical level, there is an amazing level of partnership and data sharing,” he said.

In April, Chinese medical officials expressed hope that the Code 19 vaccine would be available for emergency use by September and for the general public early next year.

Gao Fu, head of China’s Center for Disease Control and Prevention, told China Global Television Network that clinical trials of the vaccine were currently in its second or third phase in the country and that they could be on track until the second wave of the epidemic. May be available.

Gao Fu said: “We are at the forefront of vaccine development and it is likely that a vaccine for emergency use will be ready by September. These new vaccines could be used for certain groups of people, such as medical workers.” ۔

“The vaccine is likely to be available to the general public early next year, but it will depend on progress in its preparation,” he said.

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