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Eliminate malaria-carrying mosquitoes with volcanic glass spray

NORTH CAROLINA: Scientists have recently conducted some unique and successful experiments to eradicate mosquitoes that cause malaria, in which the fine powder of volcanic glass has been mixed with water and used as a spray.

The latest online issue of the research journal “Insects” has published a joint article by experts from the United States, the United Kingdom and the African country of Benin, in which they say that the fine powder of “perlite” volcanic glass. After being thoroughly dissolved in water, when sprayed indoors, it killed 75% of the mosquitoes, while the next generation of mosquitoes did not develop resistance to it.

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The experiments, which lasted several months, were carried out in the densely forested towns and villages of Benin. During this time, the houses were divided into four categories: the first house, which was sprayed only with perfume and water; Others were sprayed with traditional mosquito repellent with perlite powder and water. Third, those that were sprayed with only conventional mosquito repellent. And the fourth, in which no medicine was sprayed. After a few days, the spray process was repeated.

The six-month experiments showed that homes that were sprayed with a mixture of perlite powder and water, or both, in addition to the traditional mosquito repellent, had a six-month rate of mosquito eradication. More than 80 per cent, while in homes where only traditional mosquito repellent was sprayed, the mosquito eradication rate fell from 45 per cent in the early days to 25 per cent in the last month.

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Experts say that a mixture of fine glass powder and water is harmless to large animals and humans. However, it damages the protective layer of grease in the “skin” (cuticle) of mosquitoes, which causes the mosquitoes to become dehydrated and die soon after suffering from dehydration.

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This method of killing mosquitoes is relatively inexpensive as well as safe because mosquitoes do not resist. Mosquitoes develop resistance to toxic drugs only after a few generations.

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