Daily consumption of milk and yogurt protects against diabetes and high blood pressure, research says

Ontario: A ten-year long study of nearly 1.5 million adults in 21 countries found that people who regularly consumed milk, yogurt and other dairy products on a daily basis were at risk for diabetes and high blood pressure (hypertension). Also significantly less than other people.

The study involved 147,812 people from 21 countries in Asia, North America, South America, Africa and Europe, according to a report published in the latest issue of the online research journal BMJ Open Diabetes Research and Care. They ranged in age from 35 to 70.

In the first year, study participants were asked to provide detailed questionnaires about their eating habits and overall health, while their overall health was reviewed periodically over the next 9 years, in addition to their dietary habits. ۔
For the purpose of research, dairy products were divided into “fat-rich” (such as plain milk or whole country) and “low-fat” (eg low-fat milk ie skim country) categories. At the same time, it was also observed how much of these dairy products are in daily use.

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Dairy products included dishes made from milk, yogurt, cheese, butter and dairy products.

At the end of a ten-year study, it was found that consumption of milk and other dairy products in Africa and Asia is much lower than in the rest of the world, while people around the world consume an average of 179 grams of dairy products daily in one form or another.

However, a more important finding in this study was that people who consumed 2 cups of milk or similar dairy products daily had a 24% lower risk of metabolic syndrome than those who did not consume dairy products. Those who consume the same amount of whole dairy products daily have a 28% lower risk. Consumption of low-fat dairy products did not reduce the risk of metabolic syndrome.

It should be noted that “metabolic syndrome” is not a disease but a combination of various conditions including high blood pressure, blood sugar, abdominal and peripheral fat, cholesterol and triglyceride, which can lead to various heart diseases, strokes and typhoid. 2 Increases the risk of diabetes.

Although butter and cheese have also been shown to reduce the risk of metabolic syndrome, experts say that their consumption averaged only 3 grams per day. But he also limited the data available.

It was also found that those who consumed 2 cups of milk or similar dairy products daily had a further 12% reduction in the risk of both high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes.

“Low-fat milk” has been widely promoted for many years, but, in contrast, the study found that both low-fat milk and dairy products made from this milk have some significant health benefits. Does not arrive

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On the other hand, the notorious “whole milk” and dairy products made from it are far more beneficial to us, provided we adopt a healthy lifestyle. Experts believe that whole milk contains calcium and fat as well as important nutrients such as magnesium, potassium, zinc, phosphorus, vitamin A, vitamin B12 and riboflavin.

In the light of this research, experts suggest that while it is important to adopt a healthy lifestyle to avoid diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease, it is also important to increase the daily intake of milk

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