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Disease-Identifying Smart Toilet Ready

Are you suffering from an illness? It is now possible to diagnose this with toilet sets. Yes, Stanford University of America has developed a smart toilet that can identify people and monitor their health through waste and urine.

The article published in the journal Nature Biomedical Engineering describes the features of this smart toilet designed to monitor health.

With the help of cameras and motion sensors, the toilet system can identify various diseases, including waste and urine, including colon and bladder cancer, scientists say.

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Researchers say that at first people used to laugh at the idea, but everyone had to use the toilet and the idea of ​​making it a diagnostic device was very interesting.

It has a people identification system that can identify someone with the help of a hip.

According to scientists, this may seem strange, but the hips, like the fingerprints, are different.

Currently, the toilet system is undergoing preliminary steps, ie, there is no alternative to a doctor, but it can definitely alert people to seek medical help.

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It analyzes the toilet waste patterns in an algorithm and identifies the elements in it.

The same algorithm also analyzes urine and sees abnormal changes.

The toilet was tested by 21 people while 300 more were being made part of the research, and 52 percent of them said they were satisfied with the idea.

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