A magnetic strip that consumes cancer cells

BANGALORE: Indian scientists have invented a magnetic strip that heats and kills cancerous skin cells. It was developed by Shilpi Jain and her colleagues at the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore.

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It appears to be a simple surgical bandage that is applied to cover the wound, but it also has an extra layer of special magnetic nanoparticles.

After the bandage is applied to the cancerous skin, an alternating magnetic field is created near it. The nanoparticles in the strip absorb the energy of this magnetic field and start vibrating rapidly, which causes the inner part of the strip to heat up and kill the cells beneath it.

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The bandage has so far been successfully tested on rats as well as cancer-infected human cells in culture dishes. However, Shilpi Jane warns that unless the strip’s effectiveness is proven in experiments on rabbits, dogs and monkeys, it could not be tested on humans.

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Details of this invention and related research have been published online in the latest issue of the research journal “Cancer Reports”.

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