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The famous wrestler, Undertaker stood up to the Sharks

Austin, Texas: A video of the famous WWE wrestler, The Undertaker, is going viral. In it, they are standing on a beach with a small shark scuttling past them in its transparent water, and the Undertaker is standing there watching with contentment rather than fear.

This video has been released by his begum Michelle McCool who has been named as ‘My Protector’. In this video, his Begum is by the shore while the Undertaker is standing in the water a little further away and the shark is circling around him.

A user has commented on this that there is nothing on planet earth that can deal with him (the Undertaker). It should be noted that the 58-year-old famous wrestler seems to be standing there very contentedly while the shark can pounce and attack at any time. Sharks have attacked and injured or killed civilians on beaches around the world.

Undertaker’s real name is Mark Killaway and this video was recorded on July 9. His Begum later revealed that it was a nurse shark that usually did not attack. However, at that time she and her husband did not know anything about it.

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