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Here’s how Pakistan can still keep World Cup 2023 dream alive

CHENNAI: Pakistan’s World Cup campaign is hanging on the outcomes of other teams, namely those involving Australia. In those games, Babar Azam’s team would like Afghanistan or Bangladesh to upset the Australians. Pakistan has lost four straight World Cup matches.

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Pakistan has four points after six games played, just two of which they have won. They now have matches against England, New Zealand, and Bangladesh planned.

In addition to needing to win these final three games, they also need to do it convincingly in the hopes that other games will go their way.

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Pakistan’s best option at this point would be for Australia to lose three of their four games, which is improbable given that two of the matches are against inferior opposition like Bangladesh and Afghanistan. So, they would like to see more upsets during the competition.

Additionally, they would like New Zealand to win one of their three remaining games against them.

NRR may apply if Australia wins against Afghanistan or Bangladesh without suffering a setback, but loses against New Zealand.

The following outcomes may be useful for Pakistan to meet the requirements:

Australia lost against New Zealand in match 27.

Match 28: Netherlands lost against Bangladesh

Indians win match 29 over England

30th match: Afghanistan lost against Sri Lanka

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Pakistan defeated Bangladesh in Match 31.

South Africa lost to New Zealand in match 32.

India defeats Sri Lanka in match 33

Match 34: Netherlands lost to Afghanistan

Pakistan defeated New Zealand in match 35.

England defeated Australia in match 36.

India defeated South Africa in match 37.

Sri Lanka defeated Bangladesh in match 38.

Australia defeated Afghanistan in match 39.

England defeats Netherlands in match 40.

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New Zealand defeated Sri Lanka in match 41.

South Africa defeated Afghanistan in match 42.

Bangladesh defeated Australia in match 43.

Pakistan defeated England in match 44.

India defeats Netherlands in match 45.

If all the outcomes match the aforementioned “wish,” India will finish with 18, New Zealand with 14, South Africa with 12, Pakistan with 10, Australia with 8, and Sri Lanka with 8.

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Australia and Pakistan will draw on 10 points apiece if they triumph over Bangladesh in match 43, which is quite likely to happen.

By next Wednesday, Pakistan’s if and but situation will be more apparent, and expectations and scenarios for Pakistan will continue to shift in response to the outcomes of upcoming matches.

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