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Kurulus Osman Episode 87(Season 3 Episode 25) with English, Urdu Subtitles Full HD

In past episode, A few people in Sogut take apples from someone. There is a mystery message inside these apples. People who receive this message go to a secret house in Sogut. An older individual asks people who showed up at this secret gathering to stir and tells them that they will decimate the Turks soon. Mari’s accomplice is furthermore one of the members of this secret gathering. Cornelia takes poison from this old individual and says that she will hurt Mari with it.

The old individual expresses that after Mari’s downfall, Turgat and Geyhatu will start engaging. Malhun says she is incredibly hopeless after her father’s dedication administration. says that he will consistently be with Mari and that he will fight back for Usman. Usman then, goes to banter with the Ruler and tells him that his previous decision was off the mark.
Ruler says that Usman ought to pass on. Usman tells Ruler that he will tell the genuine factors and calls the onlookers to the tent exclusively. In any case, the vizier’s administration usable, and subsequently Mingiyan, begins to talk. A short period of time later, Nikola and Kosses appear.

The Masters tell about the comprehension Usman made with the Ruler and what he did nearby. Usman goes to the bound tent and prepares to give Geyhatu to the Ruler. Malhun endeavors to kill Geyhatu, yet Usman stops his soul mate. Lord says that Usman is absolutely fair and gives him the territories in the limit district. Usman says that he will win more victories with the officers that the King will send. An old individual named Ibrahim Fakih goes to the lodging in Sogut and says he came from Samarkand.

This older individual meets with Barkin that night and says they will consume Sogut soon.
The old individual says that Cornelia will start the uncommon struggle. Aisha plans sustenance for Mari and gives the plate to Cornelia. Cornelia quietly adds poison to the food and spots the empty compartment in Aisha’s tent. Usman calls the officials to his tent that night and starts talking about how they will pursue Inegol. Akca tells Usman how they can break the dividers of Inegol. Cornelia takes the hurt food to Mari.

Gunduz encourages how to take the send-offs around the castle, yet Turgut objects to him. Resulting to thinking for quite a while, Usman recognizes Gunduz’s game plan. Turgut then, returns to his tent and starts bantering with Mari. Usman goes to Sogut the next day and banters with the transporters watching out. Meanwhile, Ibrahim goes to the market and speaks with a transporter. Mari all of a sudden becomes debilitated that morning and begins to vomit blood. Turgut blows up a ton and speedily endeavors to get some margin to Abdal.

Seljan says Gunduz would never follow through with something like this. Usman goes to his tent and asks Selcan what happened in the group. Aygul lets Usman know what Gunduz had done in the tribe already. Usman says Gunduz is definitely not a horrendous person. Selcan goes to speak with Gunduz. Gunduz says he is innocent and will notice the person who presented this passing.

Kurulus Osman Episode 87 English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Episode 87 urdu subtitles

Usman comprehends that the essential inspiration driving this demise was to make issues before the achievement. Usman says that the achievement advancement will continue with notwithstanding and demands that his companions address this event as fast as far as possible. Barkin tells Ibrahim what happened in the family. Kosses demands that Usman view as the criminal immediately. Usman says he isn’t sure about regardless of whether Gunduz is at risk. Turgut is very stunned to hear this and solicitations that Usman settle this case

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