Kurulus Osman Season 3

Kurulus Osman Episode 68 (Season 3 Episode 04) with English, Urdu Subtitles Full HD

Kurulus Osman is a Turkish verifiable show TV series, made by Turkish show essayist Mehmet Bozdag featuring around the person name Burak Ozcivit (Usman Ghazi). It centers around the ways of life of Usman I, pioneer behind the Ottoman Domain. It is the spin-off of Dirilis Ertugrul which zeroed in on the existence of Ertugrul Ghazi, the dad of Usman, which was played by character named as Engin Altan Duzyatan.

Season 3 Episode 3 Audit
In Season 3 last episode begins with the scene that Usman bey is talking with Lead representative Mehail Kosses while Boran comes and unpretentiously tells him that the Catalan talked and he told that he was working for Mehail. Usman Bey says that all reality will come out soon and Mehail returns to his royal residence with his sister Mari. Usman bey then, in his tent beginning conversation with his spouses and sibling about his adversaries and call for Jarkutay and provide him request to follow the Catalan warrior. kosses warriors envision that Turgat is dead and enter his cell in Inagol palace. Turgat bey kills the kosses officers and endeavors to escape from the jail, yet kosses came to and again caught him. After a short time frame, Kutan goes to Usman Bey tent and tells that kosses caught Turgut and kills many individuals of his clan.

At the point, Usman bey request Gunduz bey to go to Inegol palace to meet with Kosses. At the point when Gunduz goes to the castle, he sees that the Byzantine officers are making arrangements for a journey. Lead representative Kosses expresses welcome to Gunduz bey and asked him the explanation that for what valid reason he came here. Gunduz tells Kosses that Usman bey needs Turgut bey to be conveyed, yet Kosses doesn’t recognize this suggestion and reject the Usman bey request. Usman bey then, visits his sword planning contenders and he offers them some direction connected with his adversaries and battle and requested that they be prepared to reclaim the Turgut bey. Andreas returns the injury on Gregor’s arm and takes something out from his harmed arm. Gregor says he will hide what rose up out of his arm notwithstanding.
Usman bey gathers how Lead representative Kurulus Usman will use and starts to hold on there with his champions to battle with him. Catalans pioneers Anselmo meets with Kurulus Usman and says he will help him. In the meantime, Kurulus Usman sister Mari secretively gives a sharp edge to Turgat to help him for escape. Mehail continues with the road with Anselmo. One of Usman bey champions sees them and immediately passes this news to the Usman Bey that he is driving the Catalans.

Gonca Hatun sees that the rugs in the tent ready by ladies’ are unusable and gets extraordinarily pushed. Bala Hatun comes and gets very enraged with Gonca because of her way of behaving. Malhon Hatun calms everyone down in the tent and says that they will find a response for the current situation that who made it happen. Usman Bey can’t find anyone in that frame of mind of Catalans. Catalans pioneer Anselmo goes to the new camp and says Turgat is genuinely huge for them. Kumral Abdal goes to dad’s Gregor tent to treat the injury on his arm, but he believes that this injury is unusual. Usman Bey endeavors to figure out who Anselmo is working for.

Turgat bey first offers thanks toward Usman bey for how he helped him and thereafter asks him not to interfere in that frame of mind sometime later. Usman bey says that eventually, Turgat bey will calm down so they can help out one another. Lead representative Rogatus takes Dad’s Gregor to the castle and demands that he rest. Father’s Gregor thanks the Master and favors him. Turgat bey speedily returns to his family and banters with his family. While Turgat bey trooper, Kutan is endeavoring to perceive how Turgat was conveyed, he says that Usman bey has helped a ton during this problematic time.
Usman bey expresses that on the off chance that there are people who need to go and…
Kurulus Usman Episode 69

In Kurulus Usman Last Episode, Rogatus discovers that Graygor has gotten away and endeavors to perceive the reason why he made it happen. Rogatus understands that Usman made an arrangement sooner than the trade. Usman meets an individual the use of the situation burrows. Usman demonstrates this person the piece of wood he took from Graygor and endeavors to explore somthing around it. This person says that this board become built from the continue on which Jesus become executed and that it’s far exceptionally fundamental for all Christians. Usman learns the real power of this little piece of wood and makes an arrangement. Kosses discovers that Graygor, whom he has been searching out this time, is with Usman.

Kurulus Osman Episode 68 English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Episode 68 Urdu Subtitles

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