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Genetic changes in new novel corona virus slow than flu

The good news about the new Corona virus is that it has a much slower rate of change or change than other viruses, such as the flu.

This claim has been made by experts monitoring the spread of the virus and shows the 2 positive effects of the slow change in the virus.

The first thing is that the virus is stable in its current state and will not be even more dangerous if it is spread and secondly, the vaccine produced for it will be effective on a long term basis.

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That is, the measles or chicken will work like a vaccine that does not need to be applied again.

Speaking to The Washington Post, molecular geneticist Peter Thalen of Johns Hopkins University said that an analysis of a thousand samples of the new Corona virus revealed that the virus spreading to Wuhan in the Chinese city and the virus in victims in the United States only 4 to 10 genetic differences have been observed.

He said that the rate of virus change at the moment indicates that only one vaccine developed against it will suffice, and like the flu vaccine, no new vaccine will be required every year.

All viruses undergo changes over time, resulting in different types.

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But the new Novel Corona virus has apparently not changed much since December, there have been a few minor changes in the genome, but the virus looks the same everywhere, as it did in Wuhan, and its variants are almost identical.

Molecular biologist Andrew Rambout of the University of Edinburgh told Science magazine that on average, the virus changes one to 2 times a month, and that it is 2 to 4 times slower than the flu.

The flu virus’s genome changes once every 10, which is why different countries have to use the new vaccine to prevent the flu every year, said Trevor Bedford, a scientist at the Fred Hutchinson Research Center.

Colonial viruses, according to Columbia University expert Stephen Morris, said that overall the corona virus changes with the flu, and that the new corona virus does not seem to change every year.

Benjamin Newman, a virologist at Texas A&M University, told The Washington Post that the genome of the flu virus is divided into several parts, all of these codes have a single gene, when the 2 flu viruses are in a single cell, , Which instantly creates a new compound, as well as swine flu.

Currently, more than 40 vaccines for the Corona virus vaccine are being worked on worldwide and a human vaccine has been launched by Moderina, a company in the United States, but no vaccine is needed before March next year. The likelihood of availability is very low.

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But once the vaccine is ready, it will probably be enough to keep the disease safe for several years.

So far during the global outbreak of this new Novel Corona virus, it has not seen much change, but some experts say that may not be the future in the near future.

“We have not seen any changes in the virus yet, but we are closely monitoring it, as it may have changed itself,” said Anthony Fuuci, director of the American National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease. And change the way it spreads.

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It is thought that more than 5 million people have become ill and more than 23,000 have been killed as a result of this virus worldwide so far.

As a result, 1208 people were sick, 9 were killed and 21 recovered in Pakistan.

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