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Experts warn on chloroquine use and self-treatment

LAHORE: The newly formed Corona Expert Advisory Group (CEAG), in its first meeting, warned the public about unnecessary use of chloroquine and hydroxy chloroquine, saying the drug could have serious side effects and reactions.

At its first meeting, CEAG considered the use of chloroquine and hydroxy chloroquine for the pre-treatment of Covid 19 based on the available available evidence.

CCAG issued a warning after receiving numerous complaints that the majority of the public was using it as a cure for Corona virus and as an automated treatment, an official said.

He added that CEAG also expressed indignation over the non-supervised use of social media, where self-proclaimed doctors are prescribing self-medication, and the meeting said that if it was not stopped immediately, health would be handed over. Will create a new disaster.

The Committee was of the opinion that the scientific evidence for the proposed treatment of chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine prior to Code 19 is insufficient.

CCAG also issued guidance for the protection of the frontline health workers treating corona virus patients at hospitals in Punjab province.

The committee released 3 levels of prevention information, including general pre-diagnosis guidelines, instructions for Corona General Ward and Isolation Ward, and HDUs adopted by professionals during the treatment of patients.

CEAG has mandated the use of surgical masks for all staff members working at all medical centers in Punjab.

He instructed that staff working in the OPD and Endoscopic Examination Room for epidemic and respiratory illness patients should use a medical protective mask (N95) instead of a normal surgical mask.

In addition, CEAG also mandated the use of Level 3 protection protective screens when taking samples of suspected and certified patients.

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The new guide line states that the N95 masks period (with 8 hours of duty a day and 2 hours intervals) is 8 days if it is not dirty and used by the same person.

CEAG also issued sterilization guidelines for operation theaters, patient sampling rooms and other places where suspected or certified patients should be kept.

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The committee strongly urges health professionals and heads of teaching and other agencies to strictly follow these guidelines to prevent the Corona virus

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