Corona security measures will lead to food shortages, UN spokesman says

United Nations Food and Agriculture subsidiary chief economist Maximo Torreiro says measures taken by governments to prevent the global outbreak of the Corona virus will cause food shortages in the near future. Can become

Speaking to the British newspaper The Guardian, Massimo Torreiro expressed reservations over some of the actions taken by governments around the world to avoid Corona, calling them a reason for stopping food delivery.

According to the chief economist of the Institute of Food and Agriculture, although there has been good harvest this year around the world, the constraints for transporting food from one country to another can lead to a worldwide food shortage.

He said that many countries around the world have restricted people to homes, including the closure of land borders to prevent the Corona virus, which has also restricted food delivery people and, of course, this process has led to worldwide food shortages. There will be a shortage.

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According to Chief Economist Maximo Torreiro, governments should not restrict food delivery issues and allow free trade to continue despite measures taken to prevent the spread of the Corona virus, because it is not time to stop free trade. ۔

He also said that because of the actions taken by Corona, some countries have also banned exports and the world will have to speak out against such a process and the good thing is that some people are now Have started to speak against.

Although the UN representative spoke of several countries stopping food exports due to measures taken to curb the spread of the Corona virus, they declined to name a country.

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The chief economist of the United Nations Food and Agriculture has made this statement at a time when the US newspaper Bloomburg had reported in a report a few days ago that measures were taken to prevent the spread of the Corona virus. Under this, several countries have also stopped food exports.

Bloomberg reported in its report that Kazakhstan, the world’s largest producer of wheat flour worldwide, banned flour exports in view of the Corona virus.

The report noted that Kazakhstan’s practice increased the likelihood of food shortages worldwide, as well as a temporary ban on the supply of vegetables worldwide.

According to The Guardian, Vietnam, which is one of the major rice-growing countries around the world, like Kazakhstan, has temporarily banned the supply of rice, while Russia, the largest wheat exporting country, has banned exports. ۔

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Similarly, other countries have temporarily blocked borders, including the closure of borders as part of measures taken to prevent the Corona virus, while forcing laborers and civilians to stay home, in the coming days. There is a possibility of food shortages worldwide.

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