Corona Virus: Alim Dar offers free food to unemployed people on his restaurant

World-renowned Pakistani umpire Aleem Dar has offered free food at his restaurant to unemployed people due to the Corona virus.

More than 180 countries have been affected by the devastating Corona virus worldwide and the virus has infected around 23,000 people worldwide.

In view of the spread of the virus, celebrities from all over the world, including actors and performers, have announced donations and record umpire Aleem Dar is also present.

The famous international umpire has announced the free feeding of the unemployed at his restaurant due to rising cases of corona virus in the country.

In a special video message, he said that the Corona virus has spread all over the world and its effects have also spread in Pakistan and I pray that Allaah keep us safe from this disaster.

He said that the government of Pakistan and the provincial governments had issued instructions in this regard and the government could not succeed in this unless the support of the people was involved.

Aleem Dar, who won the Oscar of the Year Award three times in a row, urged the public to follow the government-issued directive.

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Aleem Dar said that many people have become unemployed due to the crisis caused by this virus and I have an offer for the unemployed to come to my restaurant ‘Dar gelato’ on PIA Road. You can eat free food there.

He prayed at the end of his special video message that Allah Almighty protect the whole world, including Muslims, from this virus.

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It should be remembered that in Pakistan like in the world, cases of corona virus are increasing with each passing day and till now at least 1100 people have been affected and 9 people have been killed across the country.

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