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Destan Episode 22 With English, Urdu Subtitles Full HD

Destan Episode 22 Review

In Destan Episode 22, In Destan Episode 22, Alpagu meets Kaya after attacking Colpan and Balamir. Kaya learns what his father did and prepares to go to the western khanate with him.Destan Episode 22 Saltuk does his best to prevent Colpan from dying and wants to take her to the western khanate. Batuga stops Saltuk and says they have to take her to another place. Balamir soldiers see Alpagu approaching and prepare for the attack.Destan22,Dastan22,Destan episode 22,dastan episode 22

Batuga goes to Dag and organizes Colpan funeral. The people of the tribe are very sad about Colpan death. Batuga says he will avenge Colpan after mourning for a while. Batuga says that he will start the Nowruz celebrations soon. Calayir starts to say that Gunseli is pregnant so that she can stay in the palace. Alpagu talks to the tribal leaders and tells them what they did to the traitors.

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Destan Episode 22 As Batuga prepares for the ceremony, Gunseli sends a message. Batuga says that he will soon find out where Akkiz mother is. Kun Ata mentions Batuga lineage and declares him to be Dag new Khan. The entire tribe rejoices that Batuga is the Khan. Batuga sits on the throne and orders the Nowruz celebration to begin. Yibek tells Ece that Balamir said something to Batuga before he died. Alpagu asks Alaca some questions. Alaca learns that her husband is dead but her daughter is still alive. Calayir summons a shaman to the palace to check Gunseli health.

Alpagu says they reconciled with Doug for a year and Kolpan will attend a hunting festival. Kolpan says Tutkun will marry Kaya. Balamir devised a plan to attack Hunting Holidays and informed his soldiers about it. Kun Ata saw Khan’s wound and mentioned the herbs needed for the medicine. Khan said he couldn’t take the medicine he needed right now because of the hunting holiday.

Destan Episode 22 Edge then asks Kuzu to kill Akiz during the hunting festival. When Kircicek returned to his room, he saw Akkiz. Akiz says he is not claw and Balamir will attack teginas. Kircichek fights with Akiz but is defeated. Akiz then goes to Kolpan’s room but can’t find anyone there. Batuga says Kolpan might have gone to talk to Saltuk.

Akiz said he wanted to go hunting with Kaya and asked Khan’s permission. Kircicek goes to Gunseli’s room and gives him poison to kill Tutkun. Kircicek says he just wants to escape from the palace and asks Gunseli for help. Balamir’s army attacked Akiz and Kaya first. Other soldiers start attacking Temur. The soldiers that Akkiz brought from Doug saved him.

Destan Episode 22 Akkiz returns to the tribe and tells Batuga that she talked to Mei. Akkiz begins to tell what she learned about Vargi. Kuzu kills the musicians going to the wedding and asks the spies to take their place. Akkiz thinks that Gok will attack the wedding and asks to set a lot of traps in the forest. Saltuk sets out to attend the wedding. Temur talks to Tutkun and says he wants her despite everything.

Story Plot of Destan Turkish Series :

Destan Turkish Series – Story Plot, Cast and Release Date featuring Ebru Sahin

Destan Turkish Series – Story Plot, Cast and Release Date featuring Ebru Sahin

Destan Turkish Series

Alpagu asks where Kuzu is. Ece says she sent Kuzu to check the quarantine tent. Everyone who ate at the wedding that night suddenly falls asleep. Akkiz realizes that something is wrong and asks Batuga to be careful. The spies dancing at the wedding suddenly begin to attack everyone at the tribe. Batuga realizes that he is in no condition to fight and slowly begins to flee. Gunseli goes to Mei room with this woman. Akkiz shows up as Mei tries to figure out what happened. Gunseli says Mei will now work for Batuga. Akkiz asks Mei to locate her mother and continues to ask her questions.

Delivery Date of Destan Turkish Series:

Destan Turkish Series – Story Plot, Cast and Release Date featuring Ebru Sahin

Kuzu spy continues to watch Batuga. Mei calls Yibek and says she will give her smallpox medicine for her daughter. Yibek goes to the quarantine tent with Mei. Yibek says she wants to see her daughter, but Temur stops her and says Ilay is already dead. Batuga and his friends cover Kun Ata body with stones in the forest. Batuga says that they will migrate to a better place. Temur learns where Alaca is and tells this information to Akkiz.

Is the tale of the ‘Destan’ series genuine?

Destan Episode 22 English Subtitles Full HD

Destan Episode 22 Urdu Subtitles Full HD

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