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Destan Episode 27 With English, Urdu Subtitles Full HD

In last episode, Akkiz finds the tree included through Itbaraks and trusts that a fitting time will assault. Batuga attacks the infantrymen who went to help Obar and begins offevolved to slow down them. The watches protecting the tree examine that Batuga is going after and take movement to catch him. Akkiz sees that limit of the watchmen have passed on the tree and offers the request to assault. Sirma places the gum of the tree in a container.

Obar orders his infantrymen to assault, but Akkiz begins offevolved to get away from toward the royal residence. Turks jumping out from toward the rear of the trees endeavor to forestall Obar. Vera figures her better half will pass on and requests that Kam follow through with something. Batuga includes the castle and offers the tar to Kam. Kam offers the cure first to Khan after which to his children. Obar gets bothered together alongside his infantrymen who can’t watch the tree and says he’ll rebuff them.

Obar concedes his misstep and says he has called all Itbaraks to get payback at the Turks. Individuals, who need to get payback, accept Obar’s give and start to help him once more. Kam says she knows about the whole and requests that Batuga illuminate what came upon withinside the backwoods. Batuga tells that he became joined with Akkiz method for antiquing Kam withinside the backwoods. Alpagu praises his child and Akkiz.

Alpagu lets Danis know that he thinks the total at this point. Danis says that Alpagu has completed loads for the nation up to this point. While Batuga is speakme to Akkiz, Temur comes and starts offevolved to embrace his sibling. Mei might be extremely disappointed around what Temur has gotten done and says she can have the option to get back at him. Sirma tells Akkiz while the marriage will happen. Batuga says he’ll keep up with the marriage service subsequent to putting off Itbaraks. Alpagu brings anybody to the royal chamber

Destan Episode 27 With English Subtitles

Destan Episode 27 With Urdu Subtitles

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