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Babar Azam has yet to reach his peak, Muhammad Hafeez

Muhammad Hafeez, a senior member of the Pakistan cricket team, described Babar Azam, the national captain of short-form cricket, as a great player and said that he has yet to show his best ability.

Addressing Babar Azam, Hafeez asked him to work hard to improve his batting which would take his game to the next level.

In a YouTube program, he said, “Babar Azam is a great player for Pakistan. He has played amazing cricket for the country in his five-year career so far.”

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“Given their talent, they have to show their best now,” said the senior all-rounder.

“He is like my younger brothers and I tell them that the kind of talent they have is not yet where I want to be,” said Hafeez.

“They are breaking all barriers and I am confident that they will serve Pakistan for a long time,” he said.

The senior, who has scored 6,614 runs in 218 ODIs for Pakistan, said he would like to see Babar Azam lead the national team further before making a statement on his captaincy.

“I haven’t seen him much as a captain and I have only played two matches under his leadership and I can’t comment on his captaincy until I see him strategizing in different matches,” he said.

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Representing Pakistan in 91 matches in T20 cricket, Mohammad Hafeez, who scored 1,992 runs, said, “I have good wishes for Babar Azam to lead Pakistan for a long time and be included in the list of successful captains of Pakistan.” Become

“It will be beneficial for him and for Pakistan when our top performers start winning as captain and their confidence as batsmen will be very high,” Hafeez said.

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