World Health Organization also said Corona was not made in the laboratory, China

The Chinese government has said that the World Health Organization (WHO) has also said several times that the corona virus, which infects more than two million people worldwide, has not been developed in a laboratory.

This speculative statement from the Chinese government came at a time when news came out that US intelligence agencies had begun investigating whether Corona was actually produced in a laboratory.

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According to reports by the US broadcaster Fox News and CNN, the US government, with the help of secret agency personnel, has begun investigating whether a deadly pandemic was actually developed in a laboratory.

Reports cited US intelligence agencies and government sources that although most government and secret agency officials are convinced that Corona was not produced in a laboratory, the US government has launched an investigation. Nowhere has the Corona virus been developed in a laboratory in Wuhan, China.

News of the US government launching an inquiry into the preparation of Corona in the laboratory came at a time when the US president indicated at a press conference a few days ago that the US government Corona virus is not found in laboratory production.

CNN reported April 16 that the US government, with the help of secret agency officials, began investigating the case in Corona’s laboratory.

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After the US government launched an investigation, the Chinese government has said that the World Health Organization has also said that Corona was not manufactured in a laboratory.

According to Reuters news agency, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Li Jian Xiao made it clear during a press conference that the WHO also said that Corona was not produced in a laboratory.

According to the report, Li Jian Xiao gave the explanation in response to the questions asked during the weekly media briefing.

The Foreign Office spokeswoman was asked a question about the Corona virus being manufactured in Wuhan’s laboratory, which he said the World Health Organization has said several times that Corona had not found evidence to produce it in a laboratory.

It is thought that the Corona virus outbreak began in the middle of December 2019 in Wuhan, China’s province of Hubei, and for the first two months, the outbreak was restricted to China only and affected more than 82,000 people.

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Although some investigations have stated that the Corona virus was likely exposed to bats or snakes from the meat market in Wuhan City and transmitted to humans, some experts also look at such investigations as skeptical.

From the days of the Corona virus, people around the world, experts and politicians have been plagued by dilemmas and many prominent politicians also consider the pandemic a biological weapon, but the World Health Organization has dismissed such concerns.

Politicians from major countries, including the United States, also view the role of the World Health Organization as skeptical of the Corona virus, claiming that the World Health Organization did not play a role in preventing the outbreak of the aforementioned outbreak. However, the World Health Organization and the UN have denied such allegations.

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As of April 16, due to the Corona virus, the number of victims worldwide has risen to more than 20 million 70,000 while the death toll has risen to more than 100,000.

Corona virus is the most affected people in the United States, while the deaths are the most reported.

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