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Obesity may increase severity of Cod 19 in young people, research

It is clear that age and chronic diseases are factors contributing to the severity of the new nasal corona virus disease, Cod-19, but it has now been revealed that obesity can be a serious risk factor for young people.

This was revealed in new research reports in the US.

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Researchers believe that obesity caused by obesity can lead to a significant increase in the severity of code 19.

They believe that obesity can be more dangerous than heart or lung diseases.

A New York University School of Medicine study found that this factor is related to the United States because 40 percent of Americans suffer from obesity and it has certainly increased the severity of deaths and illnesses.

According to the World Health Organization, people under the age of 60 are at a lower risk of COD-19, but this new study finds that people who suffer from obesity are twice as likely to get to the hospital.

Obesity sufferers are twice as likely to be obese than those with normal weight, and are 3 times more likely to be admitted to the ICU.

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Researchers say those involved in the study were definitely victims of obesity, but they were not diabetics or cardiovascular diseases, but they were more likely to have respiratory problems, asthma and lung diseases during sleep, which would affect respiratory systems.

He added that obese youths are at greater risk of this new virus and that they must wash hands frequently, practice social distance and use exit masks to prevent it. ۔

A separate study by New York University Grossman School of Medicine also states that obesity can play a role in increasing the intensity of code 19.

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This worm is also considered to be the cause of many other diseases such as diabetes type two, cardiovascular disease and cancer.

The study said that age and pre-existing diseases are certainly important for predicting the magnitude and mortality of the coronavirus, but are at higher risk for obesity.

The results of one study were published in the journal Journal of Clinical Infections Disease and the other in medRxiv

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