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Corona Virus: The wealth of richest person in the world increases by 40 trillion

The Corona virus, where more than 180 countries around the world have witnessed unemployment and financial loss due to partial lockdowns for over a month and a half, has seen a dramatic increase the wealth of world’s richest man

With the Corona virus paralyzed by financial, economic and business activity in the world, the World Financial Organization (IMF) has already said that the economic crisis caused by the Corona virus has not been exemplified in the past century.

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According to the IMF, the economic crisis in the world is the first of its kind in the world after the Great Depression of 1930.

Similarly, the United Nations Sub-Organization for Trade (UNCTAD) has said that the Corona epidemic could damage the world economy by between $ 10 trillion to $ 20 trillion.

From the US to China and Russia to the UK, due to the lockdown caused by the Corona virus, the unemployment rate in the US has risen to a record high and over 35 million people have become unemployed.

There is also the prospect of termination of the workforce of 200 million workers and employees in the continent of Africa, while in countries like India, China and Pakistan, millions of people have become unemployed.

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But despite this, some of the world’s richest people have seen a surprising increase in wealth, and the largest increase has been seen in the wealth of the world’s richest man, Jeff Booz, whose wealth has gone up in just a few weeks. The billion dollars, ie Pakistan, has seen an increase of more than 40 trillion rupees.

According to the British newspaper The Independent, the wealth of the world’s richest man, Jeff Buzoz, has increased by $ 24 billion during the lockdown of the Corona virus, and his wealth has risen from $ 114 billion to $ 138 billion.

Jeff Buzoz’s wealth is due to the growth of his online company Amazon, which has received surprisingly high orders in Lockdown.

Citing a Bloomberg report, the Economic Times reported that Amazon shares have risen more than 5 percent since the Corona virus received online orders from around the world, and this has led to the world’s richest man’s wealth also increased.

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Jeff Buzoz was already the richest man in the world, but his lockdown of the Corona virus added to his wealth.

The report said that the wealth of billionaires not only the founder of Amazon but also the owners of other online businesses increased by billions of rupees.

During the lockdown of the Corona virus, Elon Musk, the founder of American multi-bridge manufacturing company Tesla, also raised $ 10 billion 40 million – more than Pakistan’s 15 trillion.

Like Elon Musk, the wealth of online store Wal-Mart owners increased 5%.

Likewise, the wealth of Eric Yuvan, owner of Zoom Video App, was also seen increasing $ 7.4 billion.

On the other hand, the economic website Market Watch said in a report that millions of people were left unemployed due to the Corona virus being locked down; There was a huge increase.

The report said that the billionaires who invested in businesses like oil, gas and crude oil had a clear decline in their wealth, but those who were involved in developing medical and medical devices, including online business companies. Companies that invested in them saw their wealth increase.

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The report said that the largest increase was made to Chinese billionaires who invested in online business companies, including medical and medical device makers.

The report said that the wealth of China’s 9 billion leaf people increased by billions of dollars during the lockdown of the Corona virus and whose wealth increased, all of them in medical and medical device makers, including online businesses.

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